Small Business Owners Can Be Seen As Experts in the Media with New, Guaranteed Publicity

Imagine being quoted on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Your family would be proud, your competitors envious and your customers more willing and ready to do business with you.

Business owners are getting quoted on websites for TV stations, daily newspapers and business journals thanks to a successful marketing program from

"The clients are impressed at getting them massive national publicity that is fast and reasonably priced. And best of all they are getting their phones to ring, ," said Joel Helfer, president of and an expert on marketing, selling, promotion and customer service. "This is a complete done-for-you service. We interview you and take care of all the writing and media placement. You get a report showing which TV stations and newspapers printed your story on their websites. It includes all the links and media logos.

To learn exactly how he does this, he is offering a free animated video called "How To Be Seen on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and Newspapers in 7-10 Business Days!" at

"Many small business owners never thought they would see their names in the paper. But now they can get their names in print with It's cool when you tell your friends, family and customers that you were seen in the media, " he said. "People will look at you differently when they see you in the media."

His clients include real estate agents, nurses, local businesses and contractors as well as all types of business-to-business companies.

"It can help any business owner get instant recognition, credibility and trust with the help of the media. Local business owners can be seen as top authorities in their fields," he said. "You can tell your clients that you were seen on these media sites forever. This investment really pays for itself when you consider it lasts a lifetime."

The company is also offering reseller licenses to PR professional, ad agency executives and seasoned sales professionals (currently working or recently retired) who want to earn money. For information go to

"Publicity is the perfect marketing and branding tool for people who have products or services. Publicity helps companies separate themselves from the noise. National PR helps with local sales," he said.

"PR offers tremendous value at a reasonable cost. Publicity is a conversion strategy," he said. "When you see your name in print, your customers see you as a trusted authority so you can make sales by becoming a trusted brand."

Reporters also like to interview people who have been quoted by other media.

"When reporters see your name in print, they see you as someone who knows how the game is played so you get quoted in the future," he said.

Helfer knows the business market place. He spent decades in the glass business, working with many contractors, suppliers, vendors, retailers and manufacturers. When he decided to retire, he found he needed to keep busy, so the 66-year-old Helfer decided to use his life-long experience in marketing, advertising and publicity to help people who thought they couldn't get publicity or afford publicity. He also attended many conferences and training sessions – in fact spending more than $100,000 – to learn the latest marketing tactics so he can build brand-name recognition for brick-and-mortar businesses.

"I struggled to find a way to make extra income and provide a really valuable service," said Helfer, who also helps market local businesses in his hometown of Northbrook, IL, in suburban Chicago. "Then, by dumb luck and a little persistence thrown into the mix, I discovered an extremely valuable service for all types of business owners."

Michael Lafido, a Chicago area real estate agent and author said, "I've been quoted on Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC. I know Joel's systems work. If you are someone that is looking to get some publicity, get their brand out there and be known as the expert, I'd recommend you contact Joel. One of the best ways to be seen as an expert is to be a public speaker, be an author or be seen on one of these brands."

"I'd looked at many opportunities, however after interviewing Mr. Joel Helfer, I realized that the opportunity he could afford, at a reasonable cost, with was exactly what was needed. Mr. Helfer is not only personable, prompt and professional, but he treated my product as if it were his own," said Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN, Nursing Career Coach.

"It's been a pleasure to create a PR service for business people so they can overcome the problem of getting on major media," he said. "People have no idea how good you are until the news tells them so. Our media package makes this happen - this should be the next thing you do

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