Small Business Marketing Agency One Percent Releases Free Local Business Video Series

Company offers practical advice to help smaller businesses get online, win more sales and grow with new free video series

In a time when traditional local business advertising methods are changing and even becoming obsolete, One Percent Marketing at (217) 402-8000, has developed new strategies to help today’s small business owners succeed. To introduce their simple and effective solutions, they have published a free video seminar series available on YouTube and the agency’s website at

The first video “Local Business in an Online World” offers practical advice for business owners and executives who find themselves struggling with how to better market their products and services, especially online. President Brian Tucker explains why traditional advertising options such as radio, TV, and newspaper are no longer as effective as they used to be. He gives some real-world examples to help businesses understand and overcome these new challenges.

“The local business advertising we have relied on for generations has drastically changed and even disappeared.” says Tucker. “The #1 problem we see, is clients who simply don’t understand or have the time to learn today’s new marketing options. We created this series to demonstrate how these changes will affect their business and show them what they can do to overcome it.”

The forward-thinking video addresses how and why business marketing is changing, the biggest problems local business owners are facing right now and where local business marketing is headed one, five, and ten years from now. It further offers a six step action plan to help businesses start generating more sales in a matter of days. The goal is educate viewers on what they need to do to start growing and future-proofing their business.

“Everything is moving online. For business owners, especially those in smaller communities – it’s difficult to grasp the need to get their business online because they’re so used to doing things the way it’s been done for decades.” explains Tucker.

Tucker established One Percent Marketing after decades of growing global corporate businesses. He found that smaller business suffer from the same challenges, but don’t have anyone to turn to. They specializes in working with businesses that admittedly need help with developing new growth strategies, mining for untapped opportunities, or fixing programs and systems that could be more profitable. Tucker says “Even local Chamber of Commerce organizations struggle with helping their members understand and solve this problem. They also need to add new value for their members to retain them. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who understands the depth of this problem and can offer solutions.”

The agency helps launch new and established businesses, those needing to be found in more locations or wanting to add new products or service offerings. Many clients come to them when they need to expand their marketing reach and eventually their sales coverage. The video also includes lots of real-world advice on how to leverage mobile marketing to help businesses in small-towns and rural areas expand their market footprint into larger surrounding communities. They handle all types marketing, from websites to social media, video, text, email and SEO. They can ease the transition from a reliance on traditional advertising to highly-effective and measurable digital marketing that starts paying clients back quickly.

Tucker also provides coaching and keynote speaking engagements for local business organizations, conferences, and media commentary.

One Percent Marketing offers a free telephone strategy session and a custom-tailored, marketing game plan to any business owner or executive interested in their services at

About One Percent Marketing
One Percent Marketing is a next-generation marketing and sales improvement agency serving clients, from small local businesses to large corporations and government agencies.

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