Slow The Spread of Virus with The Remember Ring, a Constant Physical Reminder to Keep Hands Clean

Live on Kickstarter, The Remember Ring aims to slow the spread of viruses the old fashioned way!

The Remember Ring, an all new wearable daily reminder to keep hands clean and avoid touching the face, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project.

As the COVID-19 pandemic transforms the country, The Reminder Ring hopes to be a simple analogue reminder in a digital world. With a disease spread so quickly and easily, people must create new hygiene techniques to keep themselves and others safe while reducing the spread of germs, bacteria and other viruses.

“My sister, father and small team of employees were the inspiration for this project. My sister is in the high risk category for COVID-19 as she is currently battling cancer and a rare blood disorder that has compromised her immune system. My Dad is 75 years young with long term respiratory illness. And my team at Harrelson Trumpets are my second family,” says founder Jason Harrelson on the driving force behind the invention. “The Remember Ring is an essential tool in building new hygiene habits while helping us become more conscious of where we put our hands.”

A ring is a piece of jewelry that is always on and requires no charging or removing— in other words the perfect reminder system in a world with a virus that never sleeps. The Remember Ring acts as a little alarm system alerting users when they’ve touched something, keeping wearers focused and aware at all times.

The Remember Ring is available in various sizes and uses brass as the primary material for its long-known (and researched) quality as an antimicrobial substance due to a high percentage of copper. The ring also contains silver which has also been used as an antimicrobial for over six thousand years. These two metals are the first line of defense against microbes including viruses and bacteria. Ever better the ring can easily be cleaned when a wearer is washing their hands.

"We're told not to touch our faces, but this can be really difficult to remember. Now you'll be conscious of where your hands have been, especially after going to the grocery store, pumping gas, opening doors or checking the mail. The Remember Ring is a gentle reminder that our world is changing and so should our habits,” adds Harrelson.

The Remember Ring is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Harrelson, LLC

Harrelson, LLC is the world leader in brass instrument technology specializing in building trumpets and accessories for musicians of every level. Located in Denver, Colorado, we embrace science and technology to produce our solutions on high end CNC equipment while taking pride in working with each client individually. Founded by Jason Harrelson in 1996, we have 26 years of research, development and direct customer experience that has led to numerous breakthrough innovations. In addition, we are the creators of "Momentum" (The world's fastest spinning top), a physics education set suitable for the lab, students and hobbyists. Our latest endeavor, "The Remember Ring" will include a full line of jewelry made from exotic materials to symbolically, "tie a string around your finger so you don't forget".

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