Slovak Cryosauna Travels to Home of Romeo and Juliet

Another club playing in the top-level Italian football league, Hellas Verona, is scheduled to use Cryomed's state-of-the-art cryosauna from Slovakia.

Hellas Verona is one of the most reputable Serie A team with a large fan base. The Italian footballers will now receive the latest cryotherapy treatment utilizing low temperature therapy. This modern and respected medical therapeutic method aids in overall muscle regeneration in athletes as well as treating of certain types of injuries.

In football, large numbers of players have been diagnosed with a range of serious traumas including sprains, fractures, and injuries to the knees, arms, legs, head, and spine to name a few. Every time an athlete goes onto the field, they recognize there is potential risk of injury. This is why it is extremely important in sports medicine to incorporate the latest methods of recovering in order to rehabilitate players in the shortest time possible and to keep them healthy; Hellas Verona is no exception. Each season, the team loses football players who are injured on the field -- enter cryotherapy.
Cryotherapy is a new, unique type of treatment, in which application of ice to injuries causes blood vessels to constrict. This significantly reduces blood flow and eases pain.

“In cryosauna, liquid nitrogen can be used to achieve very low temperatures down to –160 degrees Celsius. Such extreme cold has significant therapeutic or regenerative effects on human body,”says Tomáš Jurík, manager of the producer, Cryomed s.r.o. It is absolutely safe for a patient and gives a full range of cosmetologic, healing, anti-ageing, weight loss and fast recovering results.

Currently, Hellas participates in the Italy's top tier football league and aims to avoid relegation or ending the season at a medium rank. Hellas' footballers will be supported by the modern cryosauna, Cryomed Pro, which provides effective muscle relaxation and invigoration of the body before the next match. It makes regeneration much quicker and thereby significantly improves the chance of winning.

Modern cryosaunas from Slovakia are used by other teams playing Serie A – Juventus F.C., Udinese Calcio, A.S. Roma or S.S. Lazio. This week, one more football club from the Veneto region has joined the portfolio of the Italian distributor Cryomeditalia.

Cryosaunas from Nové Zámky are used by many renowned teams in various sports including ice hockey's New York Rangers (NHL), basketball's L.A. Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks (NBA), and football's Dallas Cowboys (NFL).

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