Sling Pitcher Adds New Training Videos & Testimonials To Website

Sling Pitcher has added dozens of new training videos and testimonials to

Baseball and softball coaches of all levels and age groups are always looking for efficiently and affordable ways to improve individual and team performance. The Sling Pitcher was created specifically to fill that need. To help coaches and parents improve the overall development of a team and individual players, Sling Pitcher has recently added new training videos and testimonials to the Sling Pitcher website.
The new testimonials can be found here: Sling Pitcher Testimonials
The new training videos can be found here: Sling Pitcher Training Videos

The Sling Pitcher softball and baseball pitching and training machine offers a versatile, affordable way to help train a complete baseball or softball team, individual players, or to simply provide great back yard family fun! This lightweight pitching machine can still pack a punch with pitching speeds reaching 50 and 70 mph for softballs and baseballs respectively, with lightweight foam and plastic balls reaching up to 80 mph! Fly balls can exceed 150 feet high. It easily adapts to teams of all skill levels. The Sling Pitcher is portable, lightweight, and requires no electricity, a great feature since pitching mounds or neighborhood parks are generally not equipped with an electrical outlet.

The Sling Pitcher website contains great training videos on how to achieve accurate, consistent pitches and fly balls, and how to perform many different training exercises. Sling Pitcher inventor Kim Cherry says "When I spend just 15 minutes with a coach and a few of his team members demonstrating the Sling Pitcher, they are generally amazed at what such a simple machine can do.” The training videos replicate that demo segment. Some of the training videos currently posted are:

- Pre-game Warm Up Drills
- Hitting Drills
- Ground Ball Drills
- First Base Digs
- Infield Fly Drills
- Catcher Training
- Outfield Drills

Coaches or players interested in the Sling Pitcher can get one for the lowest price ever offered right now, but only for a limited time by visiting the Sling Pitcher online store. Sling Pitcher Sale

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