Slim Belly Fix Review Reveals How Women Can Reverse Estrogen Dominance and Lose A Bit Of Belly Fat Everyday

The Slim Belly Solution is based on one simple step that can be performed each morning, taking less than 60 seconds, and is designed to switch off the estrogen enzyme.

Keri Wehler, fitness pro has recently launched her specially-designed miraculously-effective weight loss program for women called ‘Slim Belly Fix’. She designed Slim Belly Fix especially for distraught women who find themselves at loss when the fat around their bellies, hips and thighs starts to increase by each passing day and the underlying culprit remains unknown.

Keri came across the secrets revealed in this program through a tragic medical situation of her baby daughter. She was extremely skeptical at first as she had tried every diet and workout program to lose weight. Instead of beneficial results those so-called workouts and starvation diets had made her condition worse and put her at increased risk of dangerous diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Gynecological problems and heart diseases.

Then she came across a miraculous system that helped her lose tremendous weight in just seven days. Not only this, but it also reversed her risks of all those lethal debilitating disorders and corrected her underlying hormonal imbalances that were causing the problem.

[REVEALED] How Women Can Reverse Estrogen Dominance and Melt Away Fat Daily

Keri vowed to herself that she would expand the program worldwide to help all those women over the age of 35 who have been desperately and incorrectly trying to lose weight by dangerous strategies when the solution to their fatty belly is very simple. A number of triggers can be responsible for estrogen dominance, including being over the age of 35, childbirth, restrictive dieting, and exposure to hormone disrupters found in such products as plastic containers, cosmetics, unfiltered water, cigarette smoke, and pre-packaged diet foods. Exercising too hard and too longer after the age of 35 can also lead to estrogen dominance.

The Slim Belly Solution is based on one simple step that can be performed each morning, taking less than 60 seconds, and is designed to switch off the estrogen enzyme. This program is based on a unique combination of natural herbs, minerals, and spices. When mixed in just the right way, this combination provides the body with the perfect amount of nutrients. Included is a precise list of the foods that women over the age of 35 should avoid to prevent retaining fat storing toxins and estrogens that can actually block a woman’s metabolism from burning belly fat.

According to Keri Wahler, major contribution of The Slim Belly Fix is that it helps lift flabby skin while trimming down a woman’s belly for a flat stomach. It teaches women how to tighten loose skin after weight loss without going through surgical procedures to firm their abdominal muscles and tighten their flabby skin.

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Also, the program helps build muscles in a woman’s belly and improves the appearance of slouchy skin. In addition, The Slim Belly Fix claims to reverse brain fog while fighting the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia so a woman’s brain can stay sharp well into their late 50s, 60s and beyond that.

The program is divided into four parts. The first part is The Introduction Manual which contains useful information on how a person can shed all the unwanted flab. The program contains methods that would help support a person’s body as they drop off excessive body fat. Moreover, these methods also contain information about nutriments which boost the metabolic rate, aid fat burning and help curb people’s appetite.
The second part of the program is The Diet Manual which involves eliminating harmful and toxic foods that encourage the body to store fat.

Additionally, it helps people make some significant changes to their diet to cast off stubborn pounds and get a flat tummy fast. This diet plan helps improve a person’s digestive system and metabolic rate, also increases energy.

The third part is The Exercise Manual which helps people pick any suitable exercise from the list. It teaches people to do four sets of maximum repetitions. It helps people start a stringent regimen right from the beginning, meaning exercising at a moderate pace and increase as soon as they stop feeling challenged.

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Furthermore, Keri Wahler claims that following along the lessons recommended inside this course will help scale down a person’s peril of type II diabetes, stroke and heart disease. After making a purchase, people will receive The Slim Belly Fix program delivered into their inbox. There is no physical product delivered as it is just a series of PDFs and audio/video files. The program is available at a price of $37 USD.

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