Slim Belly Fix Review Exposes 60 Second Weight Loss Secret For Women To Get a Toned and Flat Tummy

Slim Belly Solution is a newly launched fitness program which claims to help women get a bikini body in just a matter of three weeks devised by top nutritionist Keri Wahler.

Millions of women over the age of 35 are currently suffering from estrogen dominance and they DONT even have the slightest clue. A condition known as estrogen dominance where a woman can have deficient, normal or excessive estrogen, but has little or no progesterone to balance its effects in the body. Slim Belly Fix is the only 60 second belly slimming system for women that switches off their estrogen enzyme allowing them to visibly see a slim and firm belly at any age without starving or suffering through long boring workouts.

The Slim Belly program was born out of an situation when Keri Wahler’s infant daughter received emergency medical care due to a rare disease, Wahler was tested to see if she also carried the disease. During the testing, Wahler discovered from the doctor that her estrogen levels were out of balance, and she soon learned that all women over the age of 35 also struggle with this hormonal imbalance. The doctor told her that all women naturally carry estrogen in their DNA, and that it hides within the fat cells of the belly in a “switched off” state. After women reach 35 years old, the estrogen enzyme is switched on, and their bellies are flooded with estrogen enzymes.

[EXPOSED] How Women Can Flatten Estrogen Belly in Just 60 Seconds Without Changing Their Diet

Keri Wahler's “Slim Belly Fix” program contains a number of ways to give excess body fat a proper send off. This weight loss course teaches women that if they want to shed fat and keep it off, they should make changes that they can live with, such as not over restricting calories. This program contains an exercise plan which fittingly challenges women, provides progression and renders sufficient variety so that they can maintain it for years to come.

In addition, this system consists of a number of methods which can be used together or independently hinging upon the goals one has or the fat-loss stage they are at. Slim Belly Fix helps women come through the kind of physique that points up the separation between muscle groups and highlights that all important abdominal area. Moreover, those women who have been playing the fat burning fight for a long time but have yet to win a round, it is probably because they are making some of the most repeated mistakes, Keri Wahler claims.

She will help women fend off these common fat loss slip ups so they can get back in the game. Slim Belly Fix renders the best strategy for overweight women which would help them to drop off weight quickly with a realistic, longer term approach.

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The program is divided into four parts. The first part is The Introduction Manual which contains useful information on how a person can shed all the unwanted flab. The program contains methods that would help support a person’s body as they drop off excessive body fat. Moreover, these methods also contain information about nutriments which boost the metabolic rate, aid fat burning and help curb people’s appetite.

The second part of the program is The Diet Manual which involves eliminating harmful and toxic foods that encourage the body to store fat. Additionally, it helps people make some significant changes to their diet to cast off stubborn pounds and get a flat tummy fast. This diet plan helps improve a person’s digestive system and metabolic rate, also increases energy.

The third part is The Exercise Manual which helps people pick any suitable exercise from the list. It teaches people to do four sets of maximum repetitions. It helps people start a stringent regimen right from the beginning, meaning exercising at a moderate pace and increase as soon as they stop feeling challenged.

Women also receive the Slim Belly Sleep Detox program, which offers an easy to use bedtime routine for burning belly fat overnight. Also included is the recipe for the Estrogen Balancing Elixir, the key to the Slim Belly program’s success and a series of 3-minute belly slimming routines designed to help tone and tighten up the stomach.

“Slim Belly Fix is specifically for women who haven’t been able to see a flat and firm belly no matter how hard they try,” said Wahler.

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With the Slim Belly program, women receive a morning protocol template that shows them exactly what to do when they wake up to increase their female metabolism and burn belly fat all day long.

According to Wahler, “The magic is all in the unique combination and selection of all natural herbs, spices, and minerals.

The Slim Belly Solution is available right now for a limited time reduced rate, and each purchase is backed by a no hassle, no question asked 60 day money back guarantee. This allows women to try out Keri Wahler's new Slim Belly Solution risk free to see how the program works for them.

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