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New article, “What’s the Best Side Sleeper Pillow?” shares recommendations for the top 9 rated pillows for people who sleep on their sides., the site that helps consumers figure out which sleep-related products are best for them, announced today that it has published a new article, “What’s the Best Side Sleeper Pillow?” The article shares recommendations for the top 9 rated pillows for people who sleep on their sides.

“If you’re a side sleeper, you probably know that most bedding wasn’t designed for you,” said Emily Porter of Sleep Ridiculously Well. “You know how important it is to choose a pillow that provides the right type of support for your sleeping position. The wrong pillow can result in neck and back pain as well as poor sleep quality.”

The article goes into depth on the ways that side sleepers can benefit from the right choice of pillows. For example, the article discusses how a person might change positions occasionally, but most sleepers have one preferred position. With this in mind, the best pillows for side sleepers provide sufficient support to maintain neutral neck alignment.

Author Emily Porter suggests that the most important considerations are firmness and thickness when choosing a side sleeping pillow. “Side sleepers almost always need firmer support,” she added. “There is a larger gap between the mattress and head. The pillow ought to fill this space while being firm enough to prevent the head from dropping down.”

According to the site, the pillow’s material is also significant. The material affects the overall responsiveness and feel of the pillow. For example, pillows made from memory foam are often the most comfortable. They can be firm while molding to the shape of the sleeper’s head and neck. While feather can provide excellent support, they tend not to deform as much to fit the sleeper’s body shape.

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