Sleeping Realm Launches New Section For Air Mattresses and Publishes The Ultimate Buying Guide is an online resource center for mattress buyers, and it has created a new section for air mattresses populated with a useful guide explaining how to approach buying one.

Getting a good night’s sleep is known to be one of the main contributors to health and longevity. The biggest fact affecting whether or not people enjoy restful sleep is their mattress. Like toothbrushes, some people need hard, some soft, and some combination mattresses in order to be at their most rested. Sleeping Realm helps people understand their sleeping habits and mattress needs, and regularly reviews the latest releases. The site has just created a new section for air mattresses (, and has published the ultimate buying guide to help people assess them.

The new buying guide ( describes the kind of considerations people will want to make before investigating their purchase, including whether they intend to use an airbed as their main bed, as a temporary sleeping arrangement for guests, or for use when sleeping out in nature.

Once this is established, individuals can look at the factors that affect a purchase, like the presence or absence of a frame, an automatic or electric pump, thicknesses, size, warranties and more. Once this information has been assessed, individuals can then make informed purchasing decisions based on their own needs and budget.

A spokesperson for Sleeping Realm explained, “We are in the process of reviewing the latest airbed releases, but until we publish our findings we wanted to help people proactively evaluate the market themselves. We have collected some of the most important considerations individuals should have when making a purchase, to help people avoid some of the most common mistakes made when investing in an airbed. While this is more time consuming than using one of our trusted recommendations, it will act as an invaluable insight until we publish our own independent reviews of air beds. We look forward to helping more people make the right purchases on mattresses of all kinds as we continue to expand the site.”

About Sleeping Realm: Sleeping Realm is an online resource center for consumers interested in buying mattresses. The site is regularly updated by a committed team of writers who test and review mattresses as well as offering expert consumer advice and buying guides. The website is regularly being expanded to include mattresses of all kinds, so individuals can make informed purchasing decisions.

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