Sleep Comfortably Kicks Off a Pillow Awareness Campaign

Sleep Comfortably reviews pillows for different sleeping positions and has just launched a campaign to highlight the importance of pillows.

The National Institutes of Health recommends adults obtain seven to eight hours of sleep each night, teens nine to ten hours, and children of school age ten hours. Of 74,571 adults respondents to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey, 35 percent stated they slept less than seven hours, on average, out of each 24 hour period, with almost 38 percent stating they fell asleep unintentionally during the day a minimum of once in the month preceding the survey. A lack of sleep endangers the person lacking sleep and others around him or her as sleep insufficiency has been linked to many things, including medical and occupational errors, motor vehicles crashes, and more.

"Using the incorrect pillow or mattress often leads to sleep disturbances, and Sleep Comfortably ( recognizes this, providing consumers the information needed to make the right choice when it comes to their mattress or pillow. The site reviews various products used for sleeping and makes recommendations based on various factors, such as the position the person prefers to sleep in every night," Noel Baxter, Sleep Comfortably site spokesperson, declares.

Side sleepers typically need a pillow that isn't too thin, the preferred choice of stomach sleepers, and one that isn't too firm, the ideal type for back sleepers. Pillow manufacturers recognize this and make a number of pillows that fall into this category. When one sleeps on their side, the shoulders and hip receive the most impact from the mattress and the skull area near the ear supports the weight of the head. For this reason, one needs a medium to medium soft pillow to obtain the resistance necessary to support this weight along with enough inflation to properly support one's neck.

"When it comes to The Best Pillows For Side Sleepers which will be best for you? With a wide range of options to select from, one would think finding the perfect pillow would be easy, yet it isn't. Consumers find there are differences in the pillows and want to know which they should spend their hard earned money on, and Sleep Comfortably works to answer this question, reviewing various pillows to offer the pros and cons of each," Baxter continues.

Those with neck pain need a completely different type of pillow as the body uses the sleep process to heal itself. When one doesn't get enough sleep, this process is interrupted and the person becomes likely to experience more sleeping problems. Anyone in this situation should turn to Sleep Comfortably and The best pillows for neck pain your ticket to pain free sleep before purchasing a new pillow.

"This portion of the site focuses on choosing a pillow to relieve neck pain for people and recommends memory foam pillows for this problem. These pillows come in many widths and thicknesses, yet all provide the appropriate amount of resistance and compression. No matter what issue one is dealing with when it comes to sleep, the site strives to answer the question of which pillow is best as everyone deserves a good night's sleep every night," Baxter proclaims.

About Sleep Comfortably:
Sleep Comfortably functions to provide consumers with information on how to achieve better sleep, researching various pillows and mattresses to help each consumer find the perfect one. Every person finds they have a preferred sleeping position, leading to the need for many products to accommodate these positions, and Sleep Comfortably takes this into account, offering recommendations for sleepers based on their individual preferences.

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