Skin Health Science Reveals Why Exfoliating Is Overrated

Skin Health Science explores the pros and cons of exfoliation, and offers vitamin A skincare products as an alternative to either manual or chemical exfoliation.

Skin Health Science is promoting the benefits of using vitamin A to keep the skin healthy. They argue that vitamin A offers a great deal of health benefits for skin, making it a better option compared to simply exfoliating.

Exfoliation is recommended by many to help keep skin healthy and is one of the first practices that many people add to their skincare routine. Skin can benefit from regular exfoliation by removing dry and dead skin cells and stimulating new cells to grow. However, Skin Health Science contests that there are right and wrong ways to exfoliate, and extolls the virtues of using retinaldyhyde, which is derived from vitamin A.

There are two other types of exfoliation that people are likely to use when caring for their skin. Manual exfoliation is an easy way to exfoliate at home and is often carried out using a scrub. These scrub products might contain plastic microbeads, which are not very good for the environment, or organic particles, such as rice, corn husk or nutshells. The exfoliator is designed to remove the surface layer of the skin, getting rid of all the unwanted particles.

One downside of these scrubs, according to Skin Health Science, is that people often overuse them. Scrubbing too often, too hard, or for too long could cause the skin to become inflamed, sensitive, and damaged. They can be harsh on the skin, becoming unhealthy for it, instead of helping it to be healthier.

Chemical exfoliation is another option available, including products that use enzymes and acids for exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants use Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) to remove the top layer of skin. These ingredients are used in higher concentrations in beauty clinics, but can also be bought in lower concentrations in store-bought products for home use. As well as offering the benefits of exfoliation, they can be used to tackle other skin complaints when used properly.

Skin Health Science says that vitamin A products are the best option for exfoliation and skin health. Products containing retinaldyhyde work on the other layers of skin, and not just the top layer, helping to promote overall skin health. Retinoids are a group of Vitamin A derivatives, all of which work in essentially the same way to boost cell turnover (exfoliation), improve tone and texture, stimulate collagen and even work on fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Skin Health Science has a range of Vitamin A/retinaldyhyde products designed to rejuvenate and protect the skin. They offer high-performance products that last for longer on the skin.

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