Siri Hollander's Newest Sculpture Premiers At Mark White Fine Art in Santa Fe

Mark White Contemporary Art introduces sculptor Siri Hollander’s newest steed: “Flamenca” at their Santa Fe Railyard Art District location.

Mark White Contemporary Art in the Railyard District announces sculptor Siri Hollander’s newest steed, named “Flamenca.” Positioned a few yards from the road, this 9’ by 8’ by 3’ mixed media, steel equine stands boldly and warmly welcoming visitors to the gallery. The sculpture is only available in bronze, and Siri will be doing a total of nine castings. The pre-cast price of Numbers 1 and 2 will be $90,000 with a six-week lead-time for casting. Numbers 3 and 4 will go up to $120,000, and as the edition sells, the value of each piece increases. Buyers can work with Siri on their desired patina; so each casting will be one-of-a-kind.

Siri Hollander spent most of her childhood in rural Andalusia. Riding through the Spanish countryside spoke freedom into her young spirit. Horses, majestic, transparent and tender, made up the majority of her friends since she lived in a fairly secluded community. Always able to find some unique beauty in a lone steed, she is drawn to individual horses more so than a particular breed. “Flamenca” was inspired by a horse Siri rode as a little girl. There is an old, sepia photograph that shows the incredible oneness between young Siri and the large, formidable being. Her reverence for the horse is evident in her posture – she’s looking intently at her small hands grasping the leather reigns. Head bowed and chest upright, she looks as though she just took a deep breath – ready for a thrilling ride. This sculpture is slightly different from Siri’s others in that it has sporadic patches of color: turquoise, coral and ivory.

“When you're watching them you can see everything. Every little movement says so much. They're in tune with everything and at the same time they're completely there. They're very, very sensitive. They're all intuition and all feeling,” says the artist. Siri integrates abstract forms and realism into her sculptures, saying they become more emotional that way. The artist admits that her horses aren’t “perfect,” as one normally defines perfection, but in striving to capture a moment in time, her blurred lines and the placement of curves perfectly illustrate the horse’s essence. “You just start working the piece and it tells you where to go,” says Siri.

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