Sink Or Swim Bath Co. Announces Release of Groundbreaking Organic Bath Bombs for All-Purpose Skin Health and Beauty

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The luxury bath products company has combined the best of all worlds by creating 100% organic and natural bath bombs that promote a wide range of benefits, including sustained skin health and anti-aging effects.

Bath bombs are highly renowned throughout the health and beauty industry due to the infinite ways that they can benefit the body, especially the skin. From pharmaceutical uses such as treating psoriasis and eczema, to cosmetic benefits which include the promotion of anti-aging, there is seemingly nothing that bath bombs cannot do for the skin.

The problem for most bath bomb consumers is that they are forced to make difficult decisions when choosing which product to use. Most bath bombs are solely intended for either health or cosmetic purposes, rather than both. Furthermore, the vast majority of these products are filled with sulfates (SLS) and artificial preservatives that can do more damage than good.

Sink Or Swim Bath Co., a rapidly growing bath brand with a focus on premium organic ingredients, recently introduced their highly-anticipated Luxury Spa Bath Bombs Set. This all-purpose solution packs a serious punch with its arsenal of “super ingredients.”

The variety of health and cosmetic benefits that these bath bombs include in the mix is what truly sets them apart from other products. Each ingredient brings its own unique benefits to the table, providing a diverse selection of aid to the consumer.

“We’ve always admired the amazing health advantages of bath bombs, but we’ve been disappointed to see how many products contain harmful fillers and preservatives that outweigh the benefits of them,” said Tracy Miller, founder of Sink Or Swim Bath Co. “We created Sink Or Swim Bath Co. to bring 100% organic, paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan bath products to the public, so they can experience what we’ve known for years.”

Sink Or Swim uses an assortment of ingredients – all in which are extracted 100% naturally from their source. This multi-purpose solution solves the most common problem that bath bomb users face, removing the need to choose between skin health and skin beauty.

When it comes to health benefits, these Luxury Spa Bath Bombs are second-to-none. From the Calendula Flower Extract (Marigold), which promotes regeneration of the skin, all the way to the Mel Extract (Honey), which aids in the healing of eczema and minor scrapes. We even included Shea Butter and Epsom Salt in the mix, which are both highly sought after by consumers.

In the realm of cosmetic benefits, Sink Or Swim is also in a class of its own. The ingredient list does not contain any sulfates or artificial additives that can often react poorly with the skin. This purely organic blend can assist in the healing of acne, promote exercise recovery and sleep as well as stress reduction. Not to mention, each bath bomb includes its own unique essential oil which offers additional benefits.

“Our main goal with Sink Or Swim was to showcase the limitless potential of organic bath bombs, and not just as a trendy beauty product,” said Miller. “We wanted to show people how premium-quality, unadulterated bath bombs can change their lives for the better, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

These bath bombs have just been released on To celebrate, Sink Or Swim Bath Co. is giving away a special 15% off Amazon discount coupon code to try their Luxury Spa Bath Bombs Set. This way more people can experience this simple and affordable skincare solution at the lowest possible launch price. To get yours now, visit The organic ingredients used in this product are rare so the company has a very limited supply.

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