Revolutionizes the World of Dating with Democrats-Only Dating Site

Exclusively Democratic Dating Site Increases Odds of Finding Ideal Like-Minded Mate

Today, announced the launch of a new dating site that pairs single democrats looking to connect with one another. A much-needed and timely online effort, the site envisions changing the idea of politically “correct” to mean “correct for you.” Starting off with similar political beliefs brings the odds of greater success in finding the person “meant to be” a potential life partner.

A spokesperson for explains, “We are so excited to launch our cutting edge and very relevant dating site for these turbulent times. Say what you mean, really! You won’t have to edit your political beliefs, or at least you won’t have to worry. The difference between other dating sites and ours is the democratic political theme. Our online site has a questionnaire section dedicated to asking specific, topic-related questions ranging from social programs, human rights, education, healthcare, global warming and the environment.” has designed its dating app to be sensitive to the individual Democrat’s feelings and encourages the dater to be true to themselves and their point of view. Not only is political affiliation important, but beliefs and ideas about specific topics are also assessed and explored in the site’s questions section. Democrats may be liberal, moderate, progressive or green, or any combination of the three because people are unique. gives singles a platform where they can be completely honest and forthcoming about what they really think and feel. The site gives members a place to share views on immigration, economic stimulus issues, criminal justice, global and local politics, volunteering, voting rights, gun control and abortion. The site’s algorithm pairs members with the people whose political affiliation is most like theirs, like-minded daters, and gives them a comparison of where they both stand on issues and interests. “This is a one-of-a-kind place to meet people,” the spokesperson adds. “No site has taken this direction in dating and we feel that is going to be a game changer when it comes to finding your ideal partner.” feels that political beliefs make a difference in today's dating world. People want to be relaxed when they first meet. Dating can be challenging and has taken the stigma of not talking about politics out of the equation so that daters can express their views and leanings with confidence and without fear of judgement for their core beliefs and values.

There are Democrats who inwardly hope to find a partner, but are hesitant to be themselves. People can be afraid to defend their beliefs, especially when there is an innate generosity of spirit and willingness to organize and make the world a better place. So many of these Democrats have often had uncomfortable experiences during dates or even have felt pressured to edit or change in order to fit in with someone they are dating. is the answer to taking the pressure off of finding a really good person to date.

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