Singapore based exchange introduces campaign where users get Paid to Trade on

Earn BXMI tokens to trade on BitXmi from April 5th to April 30th Earn a 35% referral bonus when inviting friends to trade on Trade a minimum of 50 USDT and earn 0.05% in BXMI tokens on all trade

BitXmi is available globally; predominantly in India, Europe, Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates

BitXmi is launching a campaign for the month of April, this year, so new users can be encouraged to trade on the platform. BitXmi is offering its native token, BXMI to users in return for trading on their platform. So for the first time for any existing platform, users will be earning tokens with all their profits. BXMI tokens are currently traded at $0.70 USD per token, this is a 700% increase since August 2020, the BitXmi platform obtains users from every continent. To reap these rewards, users must trade with a minimum of $50 USD.

BitXmi is a centralized exchange trading platform available all over the world. As a highly liquid exchange, it offers a daily trading allowance of up to $1,500 per day for new users and $44,000 for verified traders, with numerous over-the-counter (OTC) options available to withdraw their cash. Users also reap the benefits of 35% referral fees when they invite more traders to use the platform.

April Campaign
For the majority of the month of April this year, 2021, BitXmi will be offering a unique campaign for its loyal users, and newcomer traders, for a 100% guarantee of negative fees when trading on BitXmi. This not only means that there will be no fees, but the users will earn BitXmi’s native cryptocurrency BXMI, at 0.05% of the user’s trading value, when trading with a minimum of $50 USD.

“The BXMI token is currently traded at $0.70, this is a 700% increase from August last year when it was just $0.10. We are expecting the value to reach $1.00 by the end of this year” CEO, Sanjay Jain.

About the BXMI token
BitXmi launched its native cryptocurrency, the BXMI token, in August 2020. Designed as an ERC-20 token, BXMI gears to facilitate the trading activities on the platform, while also being utilized in its loyalty campaigns. To learn more about BitXmi, and BXMI tokens, visit

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