SimplyViral Helps People Find Viral Content And Post It On Their Facebook Fanpages Automatically

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With over 1.94 billions of active users, Facebook is proved to be a largest potential market for social media marketing. Hence it is increasingly difficult for marketers to have their page stand out from the crowd. This is why SimplyViral was built.

SimplyViral is a brand new cloud-based app that automatically searches and posts most popular content from 7 viral websites. It also allows users to schedule viral posts to publish them on their Facebook pages and group to get more traffic to their sites.

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People do not have to hesitate to use other people’s content to get free traffic because even a big site like LadBible still shares viral content of other people to their fanpages and get massive benefits from it.

Using SimplyViral, users will be allowed to create and publish their links, pictures or videos to their different fanpages on one simple dashboard. Besides, they can get most shared and trending content from 7 viral sources and post it on their pages. SimplyViral also lets users search trending post related to their country and analyze Youtube and Google trends.

SimplyViral manages users’ groups, search for more groups to join and see all their liked groups from one dashboard.

In addition, users can instantly uncover viral posts from two of the biggest viral sites in the world. Also, this software helps users schedule their viral posts and takes care of their posting. Instead of wasting time on doing things that could be done by SimplyViral, users can build new products, deliver better customer service and extend their business.

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With SimplyViral, users can create viral post which is most trending right now in seconds by following three simple steps. Firstly, users can choose a source which is in 7 major sites they want their content from. Then what they need to do is entering a keyword to pick which one from various trending contents to post on their own Facebook fanpages. Finally, users could make a schedule for the viral content that they have chosen and they will get it posted on their groups or fanpages totally on autopilot.

Once using SimplyViral app, people could have the capacity to get more targeted traffic without writing any content which takes them too much time to do. Also, there is no need for users to waste their time on finding which posts are trending now on viral sites since SimplyViral allows them to borrow other people’s viral content and post it to their pages legally.

In addition, users will be able to share what is currently trending at the moment to their pages and as a result, they can get more likes, comments, shares as well as new followers.

With all features and benefits users could get from SimplyViral, they do not need to waste their time on backbreaking work and can increase more free traffic on their Facebook fanpages.

Unlike most software out there, SimplyViral allows people to get this software for one-time payment. There are no monthly costs with SimplyViral.

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Name: Gerald I. Smedley
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Name: Gerald I. Smedley
Email: Send Email
Organization: Uzumaki & Assistants Corp.
Address: 1176 Lowndes Hill Park Road