Simply Sova Announces Adjustable Pillow That Aids In Getting A Good Night Sleep

An adjustable pillow that holds its shape and is helping many get the sleep they need.

Achieving a perfect night’s sleep can be tough. Most people toss and turn and never feel truly comfortable. With the Simply Sova pillow, a restful sleep can be achieved. This firm and heavy pillow was created by Simply Sova to keep its shape, adjusting to different sleep positions and body types. The pillow has two different sized removable layers inside which allows the user to adjust the pillow for height as well as head position. This creates perfect spinal alignment, which ensures a comfortable night regardless of how you sleep.

The layers inside the Simply Sova are placed inside a washable bamboo outer cover. The layers are filled with shredded memory foam which can easily be conformed to fit the head and neck for optimal comfort based on the individual.

“People spend a lot of time searching and trying out pillows to find one that fits them. We knew that if we could make a pillow that could adjust to different sleep positions and body types, we could remove that step and make the process of getting a restful night as it should be, simple.”—Nick Johnson developer of Simply Sova Adjustable Pillow.

Over the past few months, Simply Sova has worked on creating additional adjustments to the pillow to create the perfect option for sleep. The Simply Sova pillow is perfect for anyone who has sleep issues. At Simply Sova, the end goal was to create a pillow that helps people sleep better so they wake up feeling refreshed.

This unique pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, which is perfect for allergy sufferers. The bamboo fabric and memory foam helps to prevent dust mites and holding of allergens and bacteria which reduces any allergy issues.

About Simply Sova: Far too many people go to bed hoping to feel recharged by morning and fail to achieve the perfect sleep. At Simply Sova, the perfect pillow helps every individual enjoy a quality nights’ sleep, creating a comfortable place for one to rest their head. Using the Simply Sova pillow, sleepers will feel comfort and support, able to rest well, awaking energized the next day.

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