Simply Get Fit Launches Comprehensive Guide on How To Lose Weight Effectively

Simply Get Fit has published the ultimate guide on how to effectively lose weight and transform lifestyle choices to those that support a fit and healthy body in the long term.

Many people struggle to lose weight and get fit, and in the twenty first century this is in large part not because of ignorance but because of the overabundance of information available, much of it conflicting, when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Fad diets, exercise regime crazes and supplements seem to change every day, leaving people dizzy and wanting a simple, authoritative guide through this complex maze. Simply Get Fit has made its business to boil down the overwhelming information and give people clear instructions to follow, and as a result has now published a comprehensive weight loss guide.

The guide is focused on how to lose weight the right way- an upsetting premise to those with short attention spans as it re-established that steady, consistent weight loss is the only way to effectively lose weight for the long term.

The guide is broken down into five parts which are headlined at the top of the guide to act as a constant reminder to readers. It then goes on with myth busting content, decrying the marketing ploys that mislead people and saying things that now seem counterintuitive to dieters, things like fat free is wrong, fat is good for you, and the real danger of processed sugar. The guide then moves into the steps that people can take armed with this new knowledge to make lasting changes.

A spokesperson for explained that the secret to their guide is sugar, “My comprehensive guide goes through how to lose weight as well as why people fail to lose weight so those struggling can troubleshoot. It mainly boils down to sugar. This is left out of many publications on TV, magazines and the internet. Using this guide, so many more people can look to lose weight after light is shed on this subject. This is how I lost 3 stone, which is how I can write with authority on the topic as well as answer any and all questions.”

About Simply Get Fit:
Simply Get Fit covers the main aspects that get left out from TV programs covering weight loss from how sugar prevents people losing weight to why people both male and female should incorporate weight training into the fitness routine. Articles are published regularly and questions by readers are answered via email.

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