Simplilearn Americas Unveils Discount on Online CISA Certification Courses

Discount allows online students to save 25 percent, reports Simplilearn Americas.

Simplilearn Americas, LLC has announced a 25 percent discount on all online courses, including those for CISA Certification. This brings the cisa certification cost down to $199 for the self-teaching version of the course, and $2,699 for the instructor-led online classroom version. The new discount is intended to make the courses accessible to more students.

"CISA certification is important for those who want to increase their opportunities and unlock higher-paying positions in the IS audit, control and security professional spheres," said David Moyes of Simplilearn. "Our mission is to support this type of advancement, so we want our courses to meet all of our students' needs as much as possible. The discount is just one way we do this. Our two course types are another. We don't believe that we should lock people into instructor-led courses if they don't want them, but we also understand that some people learn better when there is an instructor there to interact with. By offering both, we can cover both learning styles in effective ways."

Self-teaching courses are less expensive because they don't require the company to hire an instructor to cover all of the sessions. The materials are put together by experts in the subject, but there is no ongoing labor cost after that. These courses are good for self-motivated students who would otherwise get books and memorize the information on their own time. Those who are good at picking up new things on their own would find a live instructor to be unnecessary and will be glad to choose the bare-bones version.

Other people strongly prefer the presence of a professor, and would shy away from online courses if there was no way to get one. These people will do much better with the instructor-led classroom style. The instructor can be asked questions, explain things in a variety of ways, and generally provide help all through the course. Simplilearn's instructor-led online course provides the required personal attention while retaining the at-home convenience of online study. By offering both instructor-led and self-learning courses, Simplilearn is able to cater to the preferences of both groups of people.

"Online courses aren't our only options for those interested in becoming CISA certified," noted Moyes. "Companies can also arrange for us to teach a cisa course in person at their locations. This is great for firms who want to get entire departments certified. Many companies prefer this option because it allows them to bring all of the relevant people up to speed at the same time."

About Simplilearn Americas, LLC

Simplilearn Americas is a company that offers online courses for certifications in a variety of IT-related subjects. Typical offerings include self-learning courses, instructor-led courses, and onsite corporate training. It is currently offering a 25 percent discount on its online course offerings.

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