Simplilearn Americas Announces 25 Percent Discount on Online Agile and Scrum Courses

Agile and Scrum certification training prepares expert-level participants to take the certification exam, reports Simplilearn Americas.

Simplilearn Americas, LLC, a leading provider of professional certification courses, has announced a 25 percent discount on its online courses for Agile and Scrum certification and other subjects. This will make it easier for professionals and those looking to expand their horizons to access the specialized education they need to achieve their goals. As always, the company also offers corporate on-site training so that businesses can have groups of current employees trained at a central location.

"There are seemingly hundreds of different professional certifications that can be obtained, and each one comes with its own unique beliefs, goals, and methods," said Krishna Kumar of Simplilearn Americas. "We have developed certification training courses for each one that make it easy for businesspeople to understand their theories and practices as well as pass the associated exams. One of our most in-demand courses is agile scrum certification (Agile and Scrum Certification Training by Experts) . We offer this course in a variety of modalities so that everyone's unique learning styles can be catered to."

One of the most popular choices is online self-led learning, and this allows registrants to step through a course at their own speeds. Another online option is the virtual classroom, which allows students to directly interact with a trainer over the Internet. Both of these options are subject to the discount, which is sure to make the agile certification (Agile Certification Training by Experts) course even more popular.

These Agile and Scrum certification courses are aimed at professionals who are already experts in these project management methodologies. The certification exams test a blend of the applicant's knowledge in Scrum practices and Agile methodologies, so it's important for candidates to know both of them well. The courses will allow people who have already been practicing both Agile and Scrum to fill in gaps in their knowledge to prepare for the examination.

"Once these courses are taken and certification is obtained, graduates will have a strong position in stand-up meetings, be able to prove their expertise to current or future employers, improve their job performance, and enhance their career opportunities," said Kumar. "The expected job performance improvement means that some companies are even willing to pay for this course and the exam fee, and some will take advantage of our on-site instruction option to provide training to a large group in a physical setting."

There are still educational options for those who aren't expert enough to go for scrum certification (Scrum Certification Training by Experts). Simplilearn offers a number of Scrum courses for those at lower levels, and these will help them progress towards the expert-level course and the certification it prepares students for. This answers the question of how to attain expert-level status if it is not already present.

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