Simple Off-Grid System - Life Time Freedom from Electricity Bill

This program has been created to provide freedom from unwanted electricity bills which are skyrocketing day by day. It helps in cutting down electricity bills for long term.

Dr. David Ranko’s online program Simple Off-grid system is designed to promote free electricity for life time based on the studies of Nikola Tesla, who is well-renowned for his discovery of AC current. This program has revealed step-by-step plans and guide to build one’s own Tesla Off-Grid power generator by using locally affordable raw materials available on any local stores. This plan also works for both no brainers in machine technology as well as people who are well aware about the machinery. He claims to instant cut of 87% of electricity bill and 100% freedom in long term.

This program has been created to provide freedom from unwanted electricity bills which are skyrocketing day by day. It helps in cutting down electricity bills for long term. The user will get complete instructional guide and manual which comprise of video tutorials. These video tutorials are the complete demonstrations about how to build the power generator plus it give detail information about the sources from where these spare parts can be available. In addition, this program guide peoples how to tackle the problem while joining and creating solar plants. The fuels used in this process are grass and branches which are easily available everywhere. It has everything inside it to make ones home energy efficient.

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Moreover, the reasons for power failure may be short circuits, slips up at power stations, burning of electrical lining; harsh weather conditions also cause breakdowns which can be temporary or permanent. These power cuts become more disturbing when cases of looting, robbing and stealing rise with speed. These power breakdowns may last for hours to some weeks depending upon the nature of reasons behind power cut. There are a lot of emergency situation occurs when people faces constant outages which results in dangerous outcomes. So, people will take guide from this program build their own electric generator to get rid from these dangerous situations and become risk free.

Additionally, people who built their power generator do not worry about paying thousands of Dollars as their electricity bills per year. This program claims to reduce electricity bills up to 87% which is an instant saving without worrying about installing expensive solar panels. The language use in this program is very simple with diagrammatic representations so any one all around the world get immense benefit from this program regardless of any machinery knowledge.

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This generator is eco and weather friendly so it can be stall anywhere because it is weather proof. Adding to its effectiveness, with the help of this power generator almost every home appliance can easily be operated whether it is toaster or a big refrigerator. Plus this power generator needs very little maintenance so the users do not have to worry about spending money on these devices every month. One just has to install it, start and enjoy bill-free life.

According to Dr. David, this program is provided with 60 days money back guarantee for those customers who are unable to get desired result within 2 months. The user can claim their money back and it is the responsibility of company to return their every single penny without any question asks. The raw material required to build this generator cost less than $500 which is one time investment for permanent use.

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