Simple Off-Grid System by Tesla’s Off-Grid - Power Outage Isn’t a Problem anymore

Tesla's Off-Grid Generator teaches people to make their own electricity which helps slit their utility bills. Adding to its effectiveness, this course renders the clear-cut steps for constructing a DIY generator.

A simple yet highly effective solution for power outages has been found by an American engineer and a researcher, Dr. David Ranko. Considering cases of so many power failures in the areas caused by heavy rains and storms, Dr. David Ranko claims that his idea of generating electricity in homes will help great. “Simple Off-Grid System” is a guide book that has step-by-step techniques to create a home power plant that would provide electricity and reduce the outlay of electric bills too.

When asking about the story behind this idea, Dr. David Ranko shared his experience about how he had to go through a dangerous power failure in his area in the times when his wife was 8 months pregnant. It was due to the heavy snowfall that damaged their electrical feeder. Rich and his wife had to spend a whole week without electricity in their home. That’s when Rich decided to take safety measures before such situation arises again. He researched and utilized his skills in engineering to create a system that would generate electricity and provide it to each corner of the house.

Engineers Call This The "Solar Panel Killer" - Click Here To Watch The Video

His research on natural energy resources led him to find the easiest and inexpensive ways to create energy. That’s when he selected grass as an alternative energy source and most helpful when it comes to generating energy at home. The idea behind whole this plan is that Grass, branches, leaves or weeds absorb sunlight to go into the process of photosynthesis that plants use to get energy. The process includes transforming water and carbon dioxide into food. This is how the electric energy can also be created.

Dr. David Ranko along with his colleague Jim Tellman, using the same technique tried to invent a generator that would extract energy from “Plants”. “Simple Off-Grid System” has all the information that is needed to invent such natural power source that would cost nothing but grass. “This is one of the best things Rich has ever done to me”, Says his wife.

“Simple Off-Grid System” is one of its kinds as no such plan has ever been introduced before that provides the exact ways to generate electricity at home. The program has not only user manuals but each step has been shown through videos provided in DVDs. It has a complete list of things that are required to create this system. According to Rich, he has made sure that all the things mentioned in the list are least expensive and easily available so that nobody faces any kind of problem in finding them. Not just that, the plan also has instructions and pre-cautions that would inform its users about everything that is needed to keep their system safe and sound.

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Simple Off-Grid System is eco-friendly and human-friendly too as no annoying sound of typical generators or releasing fumes and smell in the air. It’s safe and easy to build and handle. The system comes with life time customer support in case the user wants any kind of help related to the system. Also, Electric Freedom System comes with 100% money back guarantee within 60-days of its purchase, In case the users find it useless.

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