Sim Unlock Anounces New Online Unlocking Services for Most Brands of Cell Phones

Campaign to inform consumers of unlocking services underway, reports; Ability to switch carrers while traveling virtually efortless

For many travelers, a locked cell phone or one with a carrier lock, also known as a SIM lock or subsidy lock, is actually worthless out of their home country as it won't work or the roaming charges deem it too expensive to use. Consumers are often looking for ways to unlock their phones, and most carriers are unwilling to provide the code requested by the customer. To this end, third-party companies have stepped up, providing remote unlocking codes in minimum time frames.

According to Jacek Brodalka, spokesperson for Sim Unlock (, the need for an unlocked phone is great. "For many people, it's a matter of they love their current phone, but do not love their current carrier. Once their phone is unlocked, they're free to change carriers at will, taking their phone with them. Truly, that's how it should be. A person shouldn't have to give up a phone they paid hundreds of dollars for just because they want to change carriers. At Sim Unlock (, we're making people aware how easy it is to keep their phones and transfer their service, or use their phones without the outrageously expensive roaming charges while they're out of the country."

Says Brodalka, they are trying to constantly add new models as they come out, and are able to currently unlock 7,727 different phone models, some in an as few as seven minutes. "Speed is of the essence for some people when they're traveling." reports the company spokesman. "We have unlocked phones in countries all over the world, and we're experts at what we do. We provide top-notch customer support for our unlocking services and help ensure you will spend your holiday or business trip without the worry of exorbitant mobile phone costs. The last thing you need is return home to large bills for roaming charges. Now, any cell phone can work everywhere in the world at affordable rates."

Brodalka explains this service has been a long time coming and they're anxious to get the word out about their online unlocking service as well as their warranty checker. "For too long, consumers have been at the mercy of the cellular phone carriers. Now, they can effortless do what will save them the most money."

About Sim Unlock: is a fully automatic system to assist in unlocking mobile phones, based on several years of experience. With automated processes, waiting time for the unlock code is shortened to a minimum.

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