Sillis Launches Versatile Bamboo Seat Cushion on Amazon for Summer Travel

Improving the seating comfort of passengers in the back seat of the automobile through the use of a high end, memory foam, coccyx seat cushion such as the Sillis Bamboo Pillow enhances the enjoyment of the rear-seated, Millennial offspring while on extended family road trips.

“People of the Baby Boomer generation have memories of epic family car vacations. They enjoy reminiscing with their cohort about the memories, both good and bad, that the Summer Car trips generated and what they endured with their parents” says a smiling Matt Perry, the Director of Sales for LAVA imports Inc., “These legendary trips provide family members with some common touch point of their collective lives.”

Boomers have passed the road trip torch to the Millennials and their families to make their own lasting family memories. These young parents are facing a perfect storm this summer on their quest for making family road trip glory. Low gas prices combined with high levels of personal debt have made these couples go to their parent’s garage and dust off the old Coleman camping gear. With visions of S’mores and campfire sing-a-longs these young families are heading for the hills this summer in record numbers for their own family odyssey.

2016 marks the 100th year of U.S. national park service making the Summer Centenary an epic travel season. According to Linchi Kwok, is an assistant professor in The Collins College of Hospitality Management at California State Polytechnic University Pomona, “National parks will thus get more attention from vacationers and become the top destinations for road trips.” Indeed, the National Parks Service reported a record 307,247,252 day visits in 2015. The 2016 centennial year will eclipse this figure. Record park visits mean record lines at all weigh points along the road - from the corner gas station at home to the National Park gates. To imagine this discomfort please imagine the line of Disney’s Space Mountain on a busy day - but in a car.

What will make or break everyone’s vacation is the comfort level of the back seat Gen Y passengers. Making these little Pokémon GO engrossed darlings comfortable should be a prime consideration in the planning stages of the extended road excursion. Sitting in the backseat compartment of a family car is uncomfortable during a quick trip to Costco but imagine a 300-mile overnight camping trip from that perspective.

“The Sillis Bamboo Coccyx Seat Cushion is an affordable solution to increasing the comfort of all passengers in the vehicle but particularly those in the rear seats”, says Perry. “The properties of the cushion will make road travel much more enjoyable”.

First, high-quality memory foam will elevate the little passenger higher off the car seat. This will give these smaller passengers a better view of their glorious surroundings – be it the surrounding traffic jam on the interstate or a gazing at a distant waterfall within a park.

Second, the cushion’s bamboo cover is zippered providing for easy maintenance and cleaning. The bamboo viscose cover combines with the memory foam core to form a temperature regulating buttocks cocoon. The pillow draws the body temperature away and melts into a unique molded shape. The bamboo cover can wick moisture away from the body at a rate 40% greater than cotton.

Third, the best cushion can reduce back pain, sciatica pain, and tailbone (coccyx) pressure that is associated with extended periods of sitting in an automobile or truck.

Lastly, the ultra-portable, versatile, Sillis Bamboo Orthopedic Cushion can serve in a pinch as impromptu seating on the grass at the outdoor summer concert, on the street curb for the fireworks display or the bottom of a canoe during a fishing excursion.

If you incorporate the luxurious, comfortable, seating offered with the high quality Sillis Bamboo pillow into your summer travel planning, you would soften the travel experience of the back seat explorers and thereby improve the mental outlook of all the passengers along for the journey. The top rated Sillis Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon through this link:

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