Silibake Tea Infuser Glass Proves Popular Among Amazon Shoppers

The popularity of the new Silibake loose leaf tea infuser glass is greater than expected, but very welcome. Having put so much customer feedback into the final product, the company is seeing ever growing popularity among Amazon shoppers in particular.

Silibake, the company known for bringing silicone based innovations into kitchens across the globe, is no stranger to popular product launches, but the launch of the newest Silibake product is taking the internet by storm. Exceeding sales expectations, the new Tea Infuser Glass has proved to be incredibly popular among Amazon shoppers.

While the popularity of a tea infuser mug designed with customers specifically in mind was not entirely unexpected, the launch has far exceeded the optimistic sales expectations set before the product’s release. Since the company has worked to offer the best they can to the customers they serve, it comes as no surprise to some of the design team that the tea infuser cup is enjoying this kind of popularity.

“We can’t always please everyone, but we work very hard to please the vast majority of people who might be our customers,” explains Nichole Sarly of the design team. “For a tea drinker who enjoys the variety that loose leaf tea brings to their kitchen, having this tea infuser glass is a dream. We’ve taken all the problems that customers complain about in other products and we’ve solved them all with ours.”

In that way, the popularity of the new product can easily be explained.

“Having solved the problems people have had with other tea infusers out there, and then combining the infuser with a glass that isn’t just functional, but pretty as well, adds up to a win-win situation,” says Sarly. “It’s not always easy listening to the hundreds of thousands of tea drinkers out there, but we try to find the common threads and fix them with our newest products.”

Indeed, the new Tea Infuser Glass is different than others that customers can find on the market today. Features include the fact that the infuser is used in a glass that can be used to drink from, an infuser made of stainless steel and silicone with holes small enough to prevent debris from getting into the drink, a double walled glass that keeps the tea warm for longer periods of time, and a soft silicone sleeve that helps to prevent hands from burning while making or drinking hot tea.

Together, these features have been a clear winner with customers on Amazon.

To celebrate the launch and sudden success of the Tea Infuser cup, Silibake is offering special launch pricing on all three colors offered on Amazon and their website.

About Silibake: The Silibake company, which is family owned and operated, strives to offer the best innovative solutions that incorporate silicone to customers around the world. Bringing simplicity and ease to the kitchen is the goal, and judging by the popularity of their newest product, a goal that the company is never far from reaching.

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