Silibake Launches New Tea Infuser Glass on Amazon

Amazon is a huge marketplace with all kinds of things, but the innovative kitchenware company Silibake has added something unique with their new Tea Infuser mug, now available in three striking colors.

Silibake, the company that is quickly becoming a household name, has released their newest product, the loose leaf Tea Infuser cup that allows customers to brew their favorite loose leaf tea in the same glass that they drink it from. Packed with other features, this new tea infuser glass hits the market this month and promises to be quite popular.

The newest product in the Silibake line is the result of careful design and the incorporation of ideas that customers and potential future customers have brought up over the course of the cup’s design. It serves a purpose and fills a need that might not be that apparent, but really does exist. With a number of deliberate features, the new loose leaf tea maker glass is projected to take the company to new sales heights.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to bring the best of all worlds to the table,” says Michelle Norwell, director of sales and marketing. “This wasn’t a last minute thing, but something we put a lot of time and love into. We love our new tea infuser glass and we know that our customers will love it too.”

Innovation is the word that describes this new Silibake product. A number of new, unique features sets this product out in front of the rest. From the double walled glass meant to keep the internal beverage warmer for longer, to the lid that becomes a saucer for the infuser basket to keep things from getting too messy, to the decorative silicone sleeve that keeps anyone’s hands cool and comfortable while holding the hot beverage, this tea mug is poised to be yet another award winning Silibake creation.

“What makes this, and our company different, is that we don’t just throw a product out there and expect everyone to deal with however it turned out,” explains Norwell. “We’ve put everything we have into a product that not only fills the needs that we know exist, but those that our customers don’t even know about yet.”

By incorporating unique solutions in unique ways, the company strives to offer products that make life easier for customers. The approach has been a resounding success in the past, with products such as their namesake Silibake pastry mat accounting for record sales in its launch year. Now, the Silibake Tea Infuser glass joins their well-loved product line.

To celebrate the launch of their newest product, Silibake offers the new Tea Infuser cup on Amazon in three bright and vibrant colors. Each cup comes with a silicone sleeve that keeps hands cool, a double walled glass to help keep the beverage warm, a lid that acts as a saucer as well, and a special, extra large infuser basket with very small holes to keep the tea inside during the brewing process.

About Silibake: Silibake is a family owned company operated with the mindset that customers should always be completely satisfied. Part of that satisfaction comes from having access to products that fill needs and make life easier, which is exactly what the Silibake company strives to do with every product they design and sell. With innovative designs and unique products, the company is making its way into kitchens across the globe to the delight of customers everywhere.

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