Sierra Dental Products Announces New Products Available for Purchase

Sierra Dental Products adds Bio Pure to its range

Sierra Dental Products is pleased to announce the addition of Bio Pure to their existing line of products. Bio Pure uses a 100% natural proprietary microbial formula that is safe for all amalgam separators and pump equipment. The formula is designed to safely restore vacuum line suction and eliminate the need to clean the trap every day. It cleans between uses, whereas other chemical based products cannot. At a weekly cost of $1.45 per operatory, practices can affordably include this product in their office cleaning regimens. Available in 6 oz., 14 oz., and 48 oz. sizes, dental offices can choose the one that works best for their budget. The 6 oz. size will clean and restore eight operatories for three weeks, while the 6 oz. jar of system cleaner will clean four operatories for six weeks. Their restoration kit includes 6 oz. of restore and 14 oz. of cleaner.

Sierra Dental Products also manufacturers and carries a number of other items, including dry vacuum systems, dry vacuum tanks, oilless compressors, dry vacuum motors, dry vacuum accessories, water filter security systems, and amalgam separators and compliance products.

The dry dental vacuum systems can be used anywhere a wet system is currently in use, without the need for any special plumbing. The waterless systems help the practice save $700 or more a year in water and sewer costs, and use a maintenance free turbine. The included motor is rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use, which translates to about 25 years at the average dental practice. Dual and single vacuum units are available. Motors capable of handling one to six operatories are available for separate purchase to further extend the life of the dry vacuum system. Their collection tanks are available in both eight gallon and 12 gallon sizes, and can be placed on, above, below, or next to the pump.

Administrator Karen Bennett says, “We are thrilled to be able to release this product to the public. We are proud to include Bio Pure in our product line, as it shows our commitment to the environment and helps keep our dentists running smoothly. It complements the other products we carry as well, so it is really just a natural extension of what we have to offer. We believe our dentists will be quite pleased with Bio Pure, and are excited to help make the equipment more efficient.”

About Sierra Dental Products
Sierra Dental Products has been manufacturing dry vacuum systems for the dental industry for more than three decades. The company takes great pride in their products and strives to provide exceptional technical support to dentists. Environmentally friendly and mobile dentistry products are available. The team at Sierra Dental Products has more than 30 years experience in quality assurance and working with military defense contracts. For more information, contact sales director Dave Rolerad by phone or email.

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