Side Sleeper Reviews Now Brings Mattress Guide for Heavy People

Side Sleeper Reviews has thoroughly studied features of mattresses which are suitable for heavy people of around 90 KG and above and prepared a mattress guide for heavyweight people. This guide has been prepared to help people buy the best mattress which will suit them.

Commenting on the launch of the guide, Side Sleeper Reviews' general manager said "The guide contains all the things which one must consider while buying a mattress. The guide contains a list of all the mattresses which can support up to 136 KG."

"Mattress thickness, firmness, edge support, and heat retention are some of the important features you must consider for purchasing a mattress."

Mattress thickness matters a lot for heavy sleepers as they exert a higher pressure on the upper portion of the mattress. ''Thicker the mattress, better sleeping experience for the user", said the founder. People with more than 90 KG body weight is advised to sleep on a mattress with more than 10-inch thickness.

Firmness is another important quality of mattresses, people can check out some mattress comparisons here to see more detail. Nor too soft neither too firm mattress is good for heavy people because extremely soft mattress absorbs more heat and produces more sweat at night. Heavy people must select medium to a slight firm mattress with firmness level between 4 and 7 on the firmness scale.

The edge of a mattress tends to sink and collapse when a person sits or sleeps on the edge. The tendency is higher when the user is heavier one. The tendency of sinkage is more with increased weights. Thus, experts suggest users to select the mattress with stronger edge support. Mattresses which have coil-on-coil construction, or built from springs or have hybrid designs are more suitable for heavy people.

Mattresses usually are made up of memory foam which tends to generate more heat because the foam absorbs and retains heat for longer time compared to inn-springs and hybrid mattresses. Such mattresses tend to exacerbate the hot feeling for sleepers. "Therefore, it is better to avoid memory foam mattresses if your weight is 90 KG or more", said the company’s General manager. "Heavy people can go for those mattresses which are made up of materials such as Latex, gel-infused foam, Avena foam, and advanced open cell memory foam.”

Latex mattresses are obviously better in comparison to traditional memory foam in context to heat retention. It gives more cool feeling to the sleepers. Its additional plus point is that a latex mattress can maintain a proper balance between sinkage and contour.

The hybrid mattress is ideal for heavy people from every aspect. It facilitates better airflow providing better cooling feeling to the users, stronger edge support, deep compression, and greater bounce.

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