Siddhaswarupananda Pal Shares His Thoughts On The Dynamic Travel Industry

Siddhaswarupananda Pal showcases his insights on the changing face of the travel market.

Siddhaswarupananda Pal, a keen traveler and blogger shared insights from his recent experience of changing travel trends.

- The mindset of tourists has changed
Nowadays the major group of travelers and tourists are not worried about the expenses but are worried for convenience and saving time. Most people have a limited amount of time sanctioned for the holiday and they want the best out of it. They always look for a trusted convenience travel partner who will take care of the tailor made needs of the vacation.

- Major airlines offer complete holiday packages
With everyone involved in travel circuit, the airlines are not way behind, they are making plans of adding new routes to popular places and offering wow deals in round trips, whole family trips and lots more.

- More Attractive Hotel offers
Hotels are now offering attractive offers such as like 3rd night free for couples, complimentary dinner, weekend packages, express getaways or short nature trips and a lot more.

- Use of Social Media
Nowadays travel organizations are making their social presence strong over the web & expecting to win customers loyalty by social campaigns and last minute offers. Social media strategies focused on customer’s interest will give a boost to the travel industry players.

- Mystery trips
People in search of uncommon travel experiences can take the mystery trip. This is a tailored trip based on theme preference - nature, wildlife or adventure. The operators hardly disclose any detail of the trip. The secret trip is slowly revealed during the vacation only. So a family vacation rewarded with full of surprises is a good attraction for the modern tourist.

Siddhaswarupananda Pal travels a lot and keeps a close eye on the travel market and happenings. After any trip or vacation, he loves to note down typical things observed during travelling and shares them on his social accounts at & He is an intelligent traveler and analyzes things deeply.

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