Showboom Technology unveils a new concept: blockchain hotels.

Showboom Technology is one of five startup companies in China exhibited at HITEC Houston during June 18-21 and releases a New Blockchain Hotel Solution.

Showboom Technology is one of five startup companies in China exhibited at HITEC Houston during June 18-21 and releases a New Blockchain Hotel Solution.

Showboom enables hotels to implement a “smart upgrade,” which includes precision marketing and the use of blockchain technology and helps hotels to make more money.

HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology conference, will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

How it works
With the mobile phone as a virtual currency mining machine, Showboom will create a decentralized global boutique travel community and combine various application scenarios of tourists. By providing standardized, intelligent and big data support services, this product offers support for daily management and key decisions of tourism management companies. In the blockchain-based travel ecology, the value of travelers, hotels, and service providers is recognized, and their contributions are rewarded accordingly.

Advantages of reserving a blockchain hotel with Showboom
Showboom has advantages of offering the traveler more certainty in a hotel reservation and ensuring the profitability of the hotel.

The following conditions can be avoided:
• Hotel reviews are inconsistent.
• The platform commission of online travel agencies (OTAs) is high and 15-20 percent or more in general.
• The third-party service provider is not compensated proportionately.
• There are high promotion costs and limited promotion channels for the tourism service provider.
• Hotel costs are rapidly increased and the profit pressure is high.

Incorporating a hotel into the blockchain
This process is very simple and only requires to place a mobile phone into each room. At a blockchain hotel, guests can earn tokens when they check in.

Tokens can be earned by:
• Using travel services on a mobile phone or APP
• Recommending other travelers to use travel services
• Offering feedback to the service provider
• Participating in an ecological survey or other research
• Downloading or using recommended services
• Using other travel services

Tokens can then be used for:
• Payments for hotel attendants or other service providers
• Voting in activities
• Receiving benefits through activities
• Booking a hotel or other service
• Making hotel payments

Blockchain hotels provide more services for tourists, such as free mobile Internet access and WiFi. The universal remote-control terminal can be used to install the original APP or the public number entrance into the travel phone directly, thereby providing more direct control for tourists.

Other benefits include AI voice control for room service voice realization, translation, travel navigation, AI tour guide, food recommendation, and so on.

Blockchain Global Boutique Travel Community

With a series of evaluation and credit system selections, the community can enable travelers to easily choose better hotels, more convenient online surfing experience, and more exquisite travel routes. When the trip is over, travelers can continue to earn tokens by posting travel tips and strategies through the app.

Travelers can find the best hotels through the Showboom Travel Wallet APP and record reservations and accommodations on video to enable others to view the hotel. In turn, they will also have the opportunity to preview potential hotels before making a reservation.

Hotels no longer have to pay 15%~20% commission when travelers book hotels through the app.

Showboom Technology, a subsidiary of Datang Network, is an incubator within Microsoft Accelerator and an important partner of Baidu and occupies China's largest blockchain hotel market. With the help of Microsoft Accelerator, it will enter the markets of Japan, Thailand, Australia and other countries in the second half of the year.

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