Shopious Revolutionizes Shopping On Instagram With New Curated Categories is a new service that curates Instagram products photos from quality suppliers into collections that make it easy for shoppers to make sense of offers, compare and make purchases.

In the era of big data, a whole new set of key skills are emerging to make sense of an overwhelming world. Chief among these is the ability to overcome choice paralysis and select relevant data while eschewing irrelevant contributions. This is particularly valuable for shoppers, and for those who would sell to them. Shopious is a new website that has taken a giant leap forward in this field, with a new filtering system using sellers’ promotional posts on instagram to connect shoppers with what they want, without blinding them with what they don’t.

The Shopious format aggregates images and data from Instagram fashion every hour, so sellers needn’t worry about having to upload their information again to Shopious. This automatic handling then has an entirely new step – sorting the information into a number of relevant categories of varying specificity, making it easier than ever for shoppers to narrow down their searches and make quick buying decisions.

Currently exclusive to the Indonesian market, the company is looking to expand their format for worldwide customers soon enough. The ability to shop by categories, fashion collection, shops or inspirations means that shoppers have every reason to get excited about the site.

A spokesperson for Shopious explained, “Our product is a perspective. Rather, our product is multiple perspectives on a swirling morass of content that can be impenetrable if shoppers try to sift through it manually. Because our sorting is fully automated by proprietary algorithms, we can ensure we are a unique service that adds a huge amount of value to the process of shopping without adding anything to the price. This makes us the best destination for shoppers and a godsend for sellers. We look forward to seeing how this proprietary service takes off in the near future, and hope to expand worldwide sooner rather than later.”

About Shopious: Shopious is an Instagram online shop aggregator. They curate all fashion and beauty items in Instagram and categorize them so that buyers can easily find items. This is a good solution for Instagram shop owners who want to get their shop to reach a broader audience of potential buyers. From a buyer perspective, they can search by item names in Shopious. This provides a win win solution.

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