Shinagawa Eye Centre Announces Public Lecture Concerning Cataracts

As cataracts grow more prevalent, education becomes increasingly vital to preventing vision impairment, publishes

According to studies conducted by members of the medical community, more than 10 million cases of blindness are attributed to cataracts across the globe, making this the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Another 35 million people are experiencing vision impairment at the hands of this condition. Areas including Southeast Asia and Oceania are reported to have the highest incidence rates with cataracts affecting at least 30 percent of the population in these regions.

In response to this prevalence, Dr. Lee Sao Bing of Shinagawa Eye Centre has announced plans to hold a public lecture focusing on this topic. Said Dr. Lee, "Cataracts are a growing concern around the world. While they were once only considered a significant issue among those over the age of 50, we now understand they're responsible for up to 20 percent of childhood blindness. No one is immune to the development of this condition, so we want to help the public better understand how cataracts form as well as the ways in which we're able to treat them."

Cataracts are described as clouding of the lenses of the eyes and can cause blurred vision, reduced color perception or glare during early stages of development. A Singapore Eye Doctor can confirm their development and severity through the use of a specifically designed microscope. Treatment is typically recommended as early as possible following diagnosis in order to prevent progression.

Cataract Surgery is currently the only available treatment for this condition. Performed under local anesthesia, the procedure can often be completed in less than half an hour using bladeless and sutureless techniques. Surgery involves placement of an intraocular lens implant, and the majority of patients are said to begin experiencing vision recovery in as little as one day.

Concluded Dr. Lee, "Early treatment is the key to reducing the risk of vision loss for those of all ages as well as developmental impairment in pediatric patients. Thanks to advancements in technology and technique, we can now perform surgery much earlier than in the past. With our public talks on the subject, we hope to encourage more people to take note of changes in their vision and seek our help before cataracts become a significant problem for them. We'll be releasing more specific information about our lecture dates and times in the near future."

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