Shin Chan Coin: Total Community Driven Platform

This article was created to familiarize with the Shin Chan Coin project and the CHAN token of this project.

The article reveals the basic principles and vision of the future of the decentralized platform as planned by the developers. This article is for informational purposes only, subsequently the roadmap of the project may be modified. Stay tuned for updates on social networks so as not to miss anything.

Shin Chan Coin is a community-driven token that plans on becoming the world’s #1 platform for all information, news and discussions related to cryptocurrencies that will reward the investor for its personal contribution. This coin was created for introducing a new person to cryptocurrency and deepening investor’s knowledge. The discussions with fellow bulls or bears are possible.

Viewing content (news article, game) costs the viewer a very tiny amount of CHAN. This CHAN will then be rewarded to the creator of the content, incentivizing creators of content to upkeep (a high quality of) work. Similar incentives and tokenomics will be built into every module on the platform. Other examples are a top forum poster receiving CHAN, or a large contributor to the encyclopedia.

CHAN will be the solution to the cryptocurrency community’s split efforts. A single location where you will be able to do whatever you want that is related to cryptocurrencies. CHAN’s role will be to facilitate the platform. The community will be viewing, creating, moderating and rewarding the produced content. Decentralization is extremely important as Shin Chan Coin wants to stick to the core pillars of cryptocurrencies.With its mascot, Shin Chan Coin is building a bridge from the get-go between a shitcoiner and a bitcoin-maxi.

The more features that will be added to the platform, the more virtual integration will be possible.

Shin Chan Coin’s private sale sold out in 6 hours. The development team is super grateful for that. Preparations are now being made for the public sale. This second round will give investors the opportunity to invest in Shin Chan Coin as well. Shin Chan Coin hopes that investors are just as excited as they are. It is recommended to follow Shin Chan Coin on its social media channels or check the website regularly for updates.

After the public sale has been completed, the realized funds will be locked in a liquidity pool for inventor's safety. These locked funds will no longer be accessible to the development team and will ensure enough liquidity is available for the trading of Shin Chan Coin. Using the smart contract’s history, investors will be able to verify that the development team will have absolutely no way of accessing the funds locked for liquidity.

Developer/team funds are locked in a smart contract for 5 years. A vesting schedule is applied, the team gets a small portion of the locked CHAN every ~1.2 months. This CHAN will be used to pay for developers, listing fees and utilities.

The Binance Smart Chain has been chosen as Shin Chan Coin’s basis for its security, transaction speed and low transaction costs. Shin Chan Coin can be stored using any wallet supporting Binance Smart Chain (i.e. MetaMask, Trustwallet). The investor’s funds will be safe, and the smart contract is planned to be audited in Q3 2021.

New investors can keep an eye on the Shin Chan Coin’s website and telegram for the launch of our public sale this month. After the public sale, trading CHAN will be available on pancakeswap V2.

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