Shield My Pet Publishes Their Top Three Best Reviewed Pet Insurance Plans of 2015

Shield My Pet regularly reviews pet insurance policies and providers, and has now featured its best reviewed plans on the homepage for individuals needing to make a decision quickly.

Pets are a much beloved part of any family who loves and cares for their pet. It is natural for people to want their loved ones to have health insurance, and that extends to pets too. However, pet insurance is less familiar to most people than life or health insurance for people, and specialist companies offer specific packages, making it hard to decide what’s best. Shield My Pet is a website that reviews pet insurance providers and policies, and has put its top three best reviews on the homepage for those looking to make a decision in no time at all.

The top three rated plans are provided by Healthy Paws, Pet Plan and Embrace Pet Insurance. Each plan is summarized on the homepage, with links to both the full review and the provider’s website, allowing people to either find out more or buy the plan immediately.

The full reviews are comprehensive, and follow a standardized format for easy cross comparison between providers. They analyse the cover, the unique features, advantages and disadvantages of each plan before giving a conclusion informed by the broader market. Each of the three comes highly recommended, and in the event none will suit an owner’s needs, there are far more reviews available on the site.

A spokesperson for Shield My Pet explained, “Shield My Pet is pleased to be able to help people cut through a huge and diverse market quickly and efficiently, to get to the very best providers and policies out there right now. If that should change at any point, we will update the homepage accordingly, so individuals looking for pet insurance plans will always be able to find the best advice up front. We will continue to review pet insurance comprehensively throughout 2016, and we hope companies will continue to compete to offer the best cover possible for cats and dogs.”

About Shield My Pet: Shield My Pet provides consumers with a go-to resource for reliable pet insurance information. They provide useful guides on how pet insurance works and regularly review and compare the top pet insurance carriers, to provide all the information pet owners need to make informed, impartial decisions.

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