Shelby Shelter Extends Fundraising To California To Help Abandoned and Abused Animals

Shelby Shelter helps find permanent homes for abandoned or abused pets, and has now been authorized to fundraise in California to help with their efforts.

Pets can add so much love and life to a home, and give a huge amount of affection and love to their owners when treated properly. Unfortunately, there are far too many pets out there that have been sold by unlicensed breeders to unsuitable families, subject to abuse and neglect, and eventually abandoned. Shelby Shelter aims to prevent this, offering shelters for abandoned pets as well as fighting to rehome them, offering spaying and neutering services and owner education courses. This important work needs money, and fortunately they have now been authorized to raise money in California.

The animal shelter has previously been limited to fundraising in Texas and New York, and the addition of this third state will help them access some of the most pet-loving and generous people in America. The funds will help provide a place for abandoned, homeless, stray and abused animals to be taken care of with love and compassion, brought back to health where malnourished or mistreated, and then re-homed with willing adopters.

Jaynie Mae Baker is an experienced matchmaking consultant, and is now looking to help match abandoned animals with loving new owners at the Shelby Shelter by increasing their online reach. She is heading the creation of a section on the website that allows people to post their animals on the message board and website, so people looking for animals and people with animals they have to give up can easily communicate directly.

A spokesperson for The Shelby Shelter explained, “Jaynie Baker is a matchmaker by trade, and now she is helping to match adorable dogs and cats with loving new owners when circumstances change and their original owners are no longer able to take care of them. Combined with our ability to fundraise in California as well as Texas and New York, we can better support our work humanely reducing the overpopulation of pets. While we try to provide as comfortable a place as possible for dogs and cats to rest, heal and replenish, we hope we are never a permanent solution for these animals, who deserve the love of a family around them. We look forward to connecting animals with owners.”

About The Shelby Shelter: The Shelby Shelter aims provide a place of rest and respite for abandoned or abused animals, nursing them back to health and finding new homes in which to live a better and more fulfilling life surrounded by love. The shelter offers community outreach program and initiatives designed to help animals, including raising awareness of spaying and neutering, providing low-cost services and care, and advocating non lethal population control.

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