Shelby Dermatology Celebrates 10 Years Of Proudly Serving The Clanton Area

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The clinic is now expanding their practice and offering a full day of services in the area every other week, reports

Since 2006, the compassionate, experienced doctors of Shelby Dermatology have been proudly serving the people of Clanton, Alabama. The main offices of the clinic are found more than 30 miles to the north in Alabaster. Nonetheless, the doctors have traveled to Clanton to see to the skin care issues of the local population every other week for more than a decade.

Now, Shelby Dermatology has expanded their services to the people of Clanton. The half-day, every other week schedule has been extended to a full day of appointments every other week. Local demand has increased so much over the past 10 years that the practitioners at shelby dermatology happily began offering longer hours in April of 2016. This expansion means that the doctors are able to assist more people in Clanton than ever before.

The Clanton satellite office has remained an endeavor that is close to the hearts of Shelby Dermatology's doctors. Offering diagnosis and treatment for everything from minor skin irritations to melanoma, the doctors are proud to have made a positive difference in the lives of so many of Clanton's residents. In some situations, they have even had the opportunity to perform life-saving surgeries that have enabled patients to return to a healthier, more active life.

Shelby Dermatology's doctors are able to see patients in Clanton who are presenting a wide range of symptoms. People suffering from psoriasis, eczema or rosacea can experience welcome relief thanks to expert diagnosis and reliable treatment methods. The doctors have successfully dealt with mild to severe acne for dozens of Clanton's residents, giving them smoother skin and the confidence they need to take on all of life's challenges.

Perhaps most importantly, Shelby Dermatology's doctors have performed hundreds of mole exams and other skin cancer detection tests at their satellite office. This deadly, extremely common form of cancer affects a large proportion of Clanton's population, which means that a screening by a dermatologist is an extremely important step.

Once a skin cancer diagnosis is made, the doctors work quickly to create a treatment plan. Unlike many other dermatologists who have one, preferred skin cancer treatment method, the practitioners at shelby dermatology are committed to finding the best possible treatment for each individual patient. This may mean electrodessication and curettage in some instances and an excision in others. The doctors also specialize in Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

Mohs surgery was first developed in the 1930s. Since then, researchers have greatly refined the techniques and tools involved to make mohs surgery one of the most successful skin cancer treatment methods. Thanks to its extreme precision, millions of patients have been cured by Mohs surgery. Even the most stubborn instances of skin cancer can be addressed with this revolutionary procedure.

Dermatologists who perform Mohs surgery undergo specialized training to become expert at the technique. Shelby Dermatology's doctors have undergone this training, and this allows them to bring Mohs surgery to the people of Clanton. Because of the considerable experience of these doctors, many patients have felt the triumph of overcoming a skin cancer diagnosis.

Shelby Dermatology is excited about the opportunity to continue to expand the services that it provides to the people of Clanton. People who are interested in a consultation with a doctor may contact Shelby Dermatology's main office at 205-588-7000.

About Shelby Dermatology:

Shelby Dermatology opened in 2006 to serve Shelby County and the surrounding areas. Their goal has always been two-fold; to deliver excellent dermatology health care and foster congeniality among staff and patients. As a result, Shelby Dermatology’s patients have found their office not to be just a skin clinic, but a holistic dermatology practice that welcomes them in spirit while healing their skin problems and bettering their skin health. While focusing on skin disease and treatment is a priority, they also remain mindful of the increasing costs of health care and feel it is their responsibility to reduce costs on our end -- without compromising care. Shelby Dermatology’s team is comprised of ethical doctors working side by side with a competent and friendly staff to deliver the best dermatology care to their patients in a welcoming environment.

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