Shawn Weera Discusses Planning Medicaid Through Annuities

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Weera explains the limitations of Medicare in language that is meaningful and straightforward, educating clients in smart strategies designed to support comfortable lifestyles.

As science, technology, and fitness have modernized, lifespans have been extended into the 80s and beyond, making it more important than ever to consider Medicaid planning advice from the experts at Shawn Weera & Associates. An expert in the field, Shawn Weera, JD, MFP, is equipped to minimize the frightening financial challenges presented by the extended nursing home stays and the expensive long-term care assistance many fear as age advances. Renowned attorney and President of the firm, he specializes in helping families navigate the complex language and requirements of elder law on these issues. Weera's proficiency in estate planning, wills, trusts, Medicaid planning, and veteran's, social security, and disability benefits has worked to safeguard the financial future of thousands of families, preserving and protecting assets that contribute to a long, healthy life.

Weera explains the limitations of Medicare in language that is meaningful and straightforward, educating clients in smart strategies designed to support comfortable lifestyles, with benefits that last a lifetime while reinforcing the security of generations to come. Because the health care coverage demanded of us by age 65 lacks support for chronic problems and custodial care provided in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, Weera is intent on ensuring his clients understand the implications. “Medicaid,” he notes, “only provides care for those in impoverished circumstances, leaving few acceptable options for aging seniors at a time when they are most vulnerable, physically and financially”.

Through careful analysis and intelligent planning, Shawn Weera expresses the need for a personalized investment formula created for each family as opposed to a cookie-cutter approach. Considering details unique to particular situations, he notes the significance of identifying appropriate annuities. The right ones can make a world of difference, while inappropriate suggestions from inexperienced sources can destroy a fortune. Advising that even those with living trusts may still fall victim to estate taxes, Weera provides clients with effective financial tools and annuity investments that work to fortify personal funds against probate and associated delays and demands. His command of the topic also proves valuable to war time veterans, well versed in proposals designed to increase and extend Medicaid benefits to care for them and their spouses at this most critical phase of life, effectively arranging for long term and assisted care expenses.

Shawn Weera & Associates holds seminars twice a month in locations throughout the Grand Rapids, MI region. Rich with information essential to wealth preservation, the presentation helps guide clients through the years of advancing age. Dedicated to maximizing returns on investments while suppressing risk exposure, Weera recommends seeking counsel from proven professionals like himself. Holding a Bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of California at Los Angeles and a JD degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI, he is a member of the Grand Rapids Bar Association and the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, who has earned the respect of clients and peers through nearly two decades of law practice. His advanced knowledge of the complex workings of Medicaid Planning, simplified by strategic use of annuities, may be considered key to delivering an enjoyable, worry-free, extended retirement.

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