ShareIt App Downloads Publishes Latest Information On Android & iPhone Versions

ShareIt App Downloads has released information on the latest ShareIt Apps available for Android and iPhone and is helping people locate the best place to download the app safely and for free.

Apps are more popular now than ever before, as the proliferation of smartphones with powerful processors enables ever more advanced features. The biggest challenge individuals now face is the lack of compatibility between app hosting devices like mobiles and tablets and their laptops and desktop computers. File sharing is the biggest issue many people feel should already have been solved, and ShareIt is the best way for people to overcome the issue. Now available with cross platform compatibility, the latest versions for Android and iPhone have been publicised by ShareIt App Downloads for users around the world.

The website ( has syndicated information on the releases, which enable individuals to share files easily and quickly between the phones and computers, no matter the make or model. Every possible permutation of transfer is possible as the app shares cross-compatibility with every device. The site advises individuals of where to safely download the app for free, so they can liberate their data once and for all.

The article on the website gives full information not only on where to download the app, but how to install it across devices and how to ensure the transfer protocol is working. From there, users are free to transfer files rapidly between devices.

A spokesperson for ShareIt App Downloads explained, “The newest version of share it is hugely exciting. Originally an iPhone and Mac exclusive App, the inclusion of PC and Android support has made the app truly universal and exponentially more popular. As a result, more people than ever are trying to find reliable information on the app, and how to get their hands on it without worrying about malware and other related issues. We are happy to be able to provide that information so individuals can liberate their files once and for all from the constraints of the USB lead.”

About ShareitApp Downloads: ShareIt App Downloads is an online resource center dedicated to helping people find the latest applications used for universal cross-platform file sharing, and find the best places to download this software quickly and reliably. The website is regularly updated with news, reviews and editorials by a dedicated team of writers and researchers.

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