Shaquita Launches New Natural Solution for Holistic Healing During the Pandemic

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The company is promoting holistic healing, societal good and eradication of drug-induced problems.

Entrepreneur, Actress, and Holistic Practitioner Shaquita Love has launched a new business that promises alternative treatments to deal with the effects of Covid-19. Her company is promoting holistic healing and is aiming for social good and the eradication of drug-induced problems in society.

Love Drug Products is offering various products such as CBD oil, CBD topicals, and CBD for pets. The formulations are designed to suit the different needs of customers such as products that enhance focus, healing, and sleep. Vapes and its consumables, edible oils, gummies, and edible drops are just some of the products that are available at the site.

A CBD (cannabidiol) influencer, Shaquita's new business, Love Drug Products had its origins during the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The disease that has ravaged global economies, and kept people from moving about has led to an increase in stress and mental illnesses. Depression is also at an all-time high because of the effects of the disease. This gave Nurse Love the ideal opportunity to create change, and implement a holistic approach to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain.

Shaquita's business is seeking to promote healing of the body by using CBD and other related products. Cannabis-derived CBD is not as harmful as the closely related THC, which causes psychotropic effects following the consumption of marijuana. CBD for medical purposes provides relief from disorders with little or no noticeable effect on cognitive abilities. CBD oil can reduce pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort and offers a good solution for pain management.

As a Chicago native, Shaquita is also bringing good vibes to the city, helping build a positive image in the media. Her business agenda is to promote CBD as a holistic solution to solve medical conditions, and especially its healing properties that can be used to rescue people and families affected by drugs. She is looking to become a pioneer in creating change in this direction and wants to help society to get rid of its ills through natural and holistic solutions.
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Name: Shaquita Love
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