Shane Griffin Recommends His Team Of The Top Nutrition Coaches in Santa Monica

Whole Life Balance Is Home To The Best Nutrition Counselors in Los Angeles And Surrounding Areas

Whole Life Balance continues helping individuals with comprehensive programs designed to repair, rebuild, rejuvenate, cleanse, and build a stronger, more efficient body. With so many ineffective products, supplements, and diet programs that often don’t work, Shane Griffin, founder of Whole Life Balance and a certified nutritional practitioner, invites people to sign up for nutritional counseling with one of his highly-qualified Santa Monica nutritional coaches.

"At Whole Life Balance our approach is twofold. One, utilize whole foods and all-natural supplements to help the body heal from past lifestyle choices," said Shane. "We also improve you psychologically through coaching and valuable support. This will help you be more prepared for what life has in store for you. We know patterns are difficult to break, unless you put positive patterns in their place."

Whole Life Balance's nutrition coaches provide the support needed to help individuals start making the right health decisions. Nutrition Coaches educate and support clients while they reach their wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Nutrition coaches have a variety of services they provide for patients and clients of all types. A coach will begin by teaching the basics of general nutrition and then take a specific approach to each patient based on careful analysis of that person’s needs, their body type, and any other information necessary to help that person achieve their goals while keeping them safe and healthy.

"Our nutritionists take the time to explain the recommendations to our clients in manageable bites and provide actionable tools to start making substantial lifestyle changes," added Griffin. "These recommendations, which are based on each individual’s specific biochemistry, physiology, genetics and lifestyle, are adjusted throughout the course of treatment based on the client’s physical reaction to our protocols."

Along with nutritional counseling, Whole Life Balance in Santa Monica also offers a wide range of programs, including personal training, acupuncture, pilates, fascial stretch therapy, vitamin IV therapy, yoga, massage therapy, and more.


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