Shalimar Family Dentistry Begins Campaign Recommending Back To School Dental Checkups For All Students

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Shalimar Family Dentistry based in Tempe, Arizona, is promoting back to school dental checkups to help students smile with confidence as they face the new school year.

Going back to school can be a stressful time for students, as the excess and excitement of summer must be put behind them. The summer takes its toll on dental health, with sugar treats, drinks and ice cream all promoting plaque build-up, tooth decay and more. Going back to school requires confidence, and a great smile can go a long way toward achieving that, making check-ups all the more important. That’s why Tempe Dentist Shalimar Family Dentistry is promoting back to school checkups for all students in the local area.

The new Tempe dental cleaning promotion is designed to encourage parents and students to book their check-ups to have their teeth examined, cleaned and if necessary, to undertake procedures to bring them back to their best health and presentation. As a family dental practice, they are ideally positioned to help nervous children and young people overcome their fears and get the help they need.

As well as the check-ups, Shalimar Family Dentistry offers a full suite of procedures, together with affordable sedation and emergency dentistry. All these are offered as a red carpet experience in beautiful surroundings.

A spokesperson for Shalimar Family Dentistry explained, “Students want to go back to school with their heads held high and a smile on their face. We can help make that smile beautiful, clean and healthy, and these check-ups are an ideal way for parents to monitor their child’s health before the go back into the school system. Even minor problems like halitosis can have huge effects on children in such a politically charged arena, and those effects can roll over into academic performance. That’s why it’s always worth taking a preventative route in dentistry by making sure checkups are regular.”

Shalimar Family Dentistry: Shalimar Family Dentistry is centrally located in Tempe, and is devoted to the primary care of patients, assisting both adults and children with their dental needs. The skilled and highly qualified team performs a wide variety of dental procedures and offer personable dental care that includes on-time appointments and strict attention to detail. They create meaningful and personal connections as well as open communication with all patients. They provide same-day emergency care and accept a variety of dental insurance plans.

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