SFTP Hosting Is Now Easier With BrickFTP's New Port 22 SFTP Support

West Hollywood, CA – BrickFTP, a secure file-sharing system for businesses of all kinds and sizes, delivers on its promise to provide clients with streamlined, easier SFTP hosting thanks to its new Port 22 support. This new support increases the file-sharing capabilities and security features provided by the system.

BrickFTP, with its file-sharing system hosted by the cloud, is announcing plans to implement new Port 22 support in all of its services. Starting now, the new technology support will enhance BrickFTP capabilities using only a single stream. Plans call for the new support to increase high performance results and provide seamless customer experiences.

This announcement comes at a time when BrickFTP is garnering a strong reputation for its secure sharing system. When businesses need to share files internally, externally, or both, BrickFTP offers a secure system to help them do that. As a cloud-based system, there is no equipment to purchase. There is also no software to install, because the system supports all major web browsers. Instead, the system implemented by BrickFTP can be accessed from any web browser by businesses, their clients, and their vendors.

The BrickFTP platform utilizes military-strength encryption to keep files secure. File contents are scrambled while in transit to and from the BrickFTP servers and while stored therein. Just as any company wants to control who can and can’t see certain files, this system eases administration through per-user, per-folder “permissions.” Companies can create multiple user accounts and control exactly who sees what content and track logins on a regular basis.

Features of the BrickFTP system include customization of the file-sharing interface. Businesses can upload their own photos, logos, and brand ID to mark their file-sharing platform. All activity is logged and saved for 7 years, ensuring security and longevity. Additionally, companies need not worry about lost files. The BrickFTP network of multiple servers in multiple locations around the world safeguards against any lost files due to disk failure. Click Here To Learn More About BrickFTP.

The system produces results and added benefits for shared file security. High-performance encryption guarantees that the system satisfies HIPAA and other common regulations. Companies also avoid the expense of instituting an in-house solution for file-sharing, being able to connect via any stand-alone FTP program.

BrickFTP currently hosts over 13,000 users around the world. Interested companies are encouraged to try a 30 day free trial that is completely free and includes no obligation.

About BrickFTP:

BrickFTP was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing a reliable, secure file-sharing system known by businesses of all sizes around the globe. A service of Action Verb, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brick FTP offers secure SFTP hosting for business, allowing companies to send and receive files among clients, vendors, employees, and co-workers. Supporting any web browser and boasting military-strength encryption and flexible permissions, BrickFTP is trusted by over 13,000 worldwide users.

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