Set Me Up introduces the first in-person dating app, a game-changer in the dating world

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Founder and owner Adelaide Matte is out to redefine industry standards with a new matchmaking mobile app that aims to create meaningful connections between two people who actually meet in person.

Set Me Up has announced the launch of the first-ever in-person dating app, a game-changer in the dating world that matches people based on personality and sends them out on an in-person date.

Adelaide Matte, Set Me Up founder and creator, laments that current dating apps do not offer in-person dating.

"This is where Set Me Up comes into the picture. It rethinks and reshapes the way people approach relationships," says Adelaide. "We believe that first dates don't have to be scary."

While current dating apps focus heavily on volume, Set Me Up redefines the game by building a platform that creates a meaningful connection between two people who actually meet in person and go on a date first.

Launched in Birmingham, Alabama, the mobile app enables couples to be set up on a date with someone who shares the same perspective on life as them.

"What makes the dating service very unique is that users are able to put in their available dates and just show up to the chosen date and location," says Adelaide.

The app provides an innovative calendar integration, allowing people's dating life to work with their schedules.

Matches are not allowed to communicate before the date. A person only gets a photo, location, and time.

The date can take place in a coffee shop, restaurant, brewery, or bar. The app aims to make sure that matches would be able to sit down and have a face-to-face discussion.

To get started, users need to download the app, complete a personality quiz, and just show up to the date.

Adelaide explains that the objective of the questionnaire is to let the mobile app's Artificial Intelligence learn adequately about people that it can pair them with the best match possible.

Adelaide says the app is built for in-person connections and acts as a best friend who knows just who to set a person up with.

Among the features that set the mobile app apart include a rate-your-date option, local dating scenes, no chatting, and no swiping.

The app has partnered with local hot spots to ensure a person's date is fun, easy to find, and safe.

"Signing up and filling out my profile was straightforward and easy! I was notified that I was matched and given the date, time, and location of my date as promised," one of the reviews about Set Me Up states.

Adelaide came up with the concept and app for Set Me Up in late 2020. The company has launched Version 2.0 and is planning on launching Version 3.0 this Fall and open many more cities.

In the past few months, she brought on two Co-Founders, launched her MVP, and completed the Velocity Program at Innovation Depot.

Those who want to learn more about the local dating app may visit its website for more information.

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Name: Adelaide Matte
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Name: Adelaide Matte
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Address: United States