Serum for Eyelash Growth Convenient Option to Eyelash Extensions, Says Brand

German cosmetics company, Chavelle Cosmetics, has recently discussed why its serum for eyelash growth is a more convenient and affordable option over expensive and extensive procedures for eyelash extensions.

Chavelle Cosmetics, a beauty company from Germany, has discussed why its serum for eyelash growth is a more convenient option to obtain thicker, longer lashes than eyelash extensions.

“Eyelash extensions are an expensive option to obtaining the long, thick lashes so many people desire in today’s beauty trends,” commented Sandra Newmann, the senior spokesperson for the brand. “Extensions require a trip to a professional, and the procedure can take hours. It is advised that customers check on the ingredients and type of glue that are used, and that the application environment and process is sterile. It is also normal for extension lashes to fall out with your own lashes.”

Eyelash extensions also require regular maintenance at home. Professionals recommend that clients avoid water and steam for the first 48 hours, make sure that they sleep on their back, that only oil-free cleansing products are used, avoid rubbing their eyes and have a top-up procedure done every two to three weeks. An initial application can cost from $150-$200 USD or even more, with the cost of top-ups averaging 50% of the cost of the original set.

Newmann said, “We want our customers looking and feeling their best without sacrificing their time and money in the process. That’s why we’ve taken a lot of time and care in developing a safe and effective product with our eyelash growth serum to grow longer fuller eyelashes.”

A very happy Amazon reviewer left this comment, “After removing the lash extensions that I had been wearing for several months, I was shocked to see how damaged, broken, and short my natural lashes were (perhaps “horrified” is the better word!). I knew that it would take some time for my lashes to grow back, so I figured I might as well try a serum to aid in the process. Truth be told, I was very nervous before buying this serum — I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. But, I decided to go through with my purchase. I’m so glad I did! I can’t believe the difference it has made! I wish I had taken before/after photos because the growth has been incredible! It’s been four weeks since I began using this product, and my lashes have sprouted like crazy! I went from barely-there and broken lashes to a full set without the need for mascara. Very happy that I decided to follow through and make this purchase!”

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