SERT Publish New Video Demonstration Of Hard Drive Data Recovery After Catastrophic Car Fire

SERT Data Recovery has successfully managed to recover 100% of the data from a laptop hard drive destroyed in a car fire, and has posted a video explaining how they did it.

We think of digital data as intangible, and often conflate that idea with indestructible – as long as we don’t delete it, it will exist. This is why hard drive errors can often be so traumatizing, as people lose valuable documents, photos and memories, or even vital information and work. SERT specializes in hard drive recovery, and has been pushing back the boundaries on what’s possible over recent years. They have just published a new video case study of an extraordinary fire project hard drive recovery.

The laptop was in the trunk of a car when it was rear ended by a dump truck traveling on the highway near Orlando, Florida. The gas tank ruptured and the car caught on fire, and was completely engulfed with flames. Thankfully no one was injured, and the Laptop containing a Western Digital hard drive was recovered from the trunk and brought to SERT Data Recovery in West Palm Beach.

SERT engineers removed the hard drive from the melted laptop and restored it. Debris had crept into the case of the drive settling around the read/write head assembly parking ramp. The drive was stripped down to the platters and cleaned.

Next a donor was located, and engineers carefully performed a head swap in the clean room to replace the damaged components. The drive was then mechanically functional again, but required damaged firmware to be repaired and restored. Finally, SERT was able to recover 100% of the data from the drive.

A spokesperson for SERT Data Recovery explained, “We have published a video case study on this situation because it really pushed us to our limits, and provided an incredible story for our clients, who thought all hope was lost before they came to us in a last ditch attempt to get their digital life back. The techniques used by our engineers pay testament to the way we have innovated data recovery. Our message to people who have lost data is it isn’t lost, it’s just waiting for us to recover it.”

Full story and video documentation available for press coverage upon request. Interested parties please contact Todd Trahan at 1-800-553-5738.

About SERT: SERT Data Recovery provides expert data recovery services nationwide to corporate, government and educational clients as well as to the general public. SERT has a certified ISO 5 CLASS 100 clean work area and specializes in advanced level recovery of RAID array, NAS devices, laptop and desktop hard drives, Solid State Drives, Camera cards and Flash drives.

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