Serpact & ScalaHosting Won WEB Excellence Awards Together

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Their project was awarded a win in Advertising & Marketing | Copy or Writing SEO.

On January 10th. 2022 was released the winners from WEB Excellence Awards, and ScalaHosting, known for masterfully specializing in fully managed VPS and Serpact, a Bulgarian SEO Agency, are among the proud winners!

The primary focus of ScalaHosting has been on improving the services they offer every day. Advertising & Marketing | Copy or Writing SEO is excellent recognition for their project.

In the process, ScalaHosting worked with Serpact, which planned a complex approach that brought us 140% in revenue growth based on Content Marketing, Technical SEO, and Content promotion!

The jury selected the project to win the WEB Excellence Awards in the Advertising & Marketing | Copy or Writing SEO category.
About the Project: A COMPLEX APPROACH IN A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE NICHE 140 % REVENUE GROWTH (last month according to the previous year)

The application is based on a comprehensive approach in a highly competitive niche, leading to revenue growth of about 140%, which by itself includes.

Goals of the project:

- Increasing the web traffic and conversions
- Increasing the online brand visibility and recognition.

The two companies aimed to reach maximum visibility and the best conversion rate knowing how highly competitive the niche is.

- Technical SEO - internal links
- Technical SEO - Server .log files
- Redesign & Page Speed Optimization

The overall campaign brought great results after just a few months.
- Рesolving significant DNS issues!
- Fixing about 150 000 dynamically generated internal links with the same anchor
- Fixing the whole mark-up
- Fixing 1257 Duplicate Titles
- Fixing 12 152 Broken Internal Links
- Removed and redirected pages with similar pages were removed and redirected (about 200).
- Rewritten Meta titles and descriptions for better CTR (about 200).
- The increased time spent on the pages with encryption is 11 minutes (about 400).
- The speed of all pages has been improved (from 45/100 to 99/100 for best UX).
- CTR increased from 1.57% to 5.32%
- Lowering the bounce rate down from 75% to 44.72%
- Planning top priority pages
- Outreaching bloggers and vloggers in the tech community
- Social media engagement
- Using an affiliate program

And all this is just a part of the whole process they went through together.
It’s beneficial to see what two very different in their nature companies can accomplish when they trust each other in such manners!

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Rusev
Email: Send Email
Organization: ScalaHosting
Address: United States

Release ID: 89063668

Name: Chris Rusev
Email: Send Email
Organization: ScalaHosting
Address: United States