Serial Entrepreneur And CEO Adam Strong Looks To Empower A Generation Of Women.

Adam Strong established a social enterprise titled the Association of Extraordinary PAs in February 2016. This group pushes for development through close counsel and oversight from Strong himself.

Earlier this year, Adam Strong, an established entrepreneur and avid advocate for women, founded the Association of Extraordinary PAs. This social enterprise aims to help develop the careers of personal, executive, and virtual assistants. The goal of this enterprise is to take 500,000 of these assistants, a field held in majority by women and raise them to the top 1% of their field. In doing this, Adam Strong hopes to empower these assistants, provide leadership skills and development, and make them stand out as individuals, leading to more opportunity within the field.

In creating this social enterprise, Adam Strong hopes to expand the role of women in the workforce. As a public speaker advocating for the social development of women, Strong spoke publicly in June at the Migrant Woman Conference in London. There, he was gifted the title of ‘Best Man’ for his efforts to aid women. Due to the hard work of Adam Strong and similar activists, the role of women has had a shift in perception, leading to the rise of more powerful women such as Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates, or Malala Yousafzai. "As a CEO I highly value the relationships with assistants as this tends to be our first line of contact when working with corporate companies, ” says Adam Strong, as to his motive for creating the Association of Extraordinary PAs.

In a world where many men to not support the efforts of women, the contributions of activists such as Adam Strong and other activists are undoubtedly breaking down social constructs and opening new doors for women. By promoting women’s fields, Strong expands the role of women within the workforce, empowering them and recognizing their contributions and roles within the business. These efforts by activists not only change the present but the future for generations to come.

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