SEOs Girls Powa Launches To Provide SEO For Progressive Businesses Committed to Women’s Equality

SEOs Girls Powa is a new blog created by women working in SEO consultancy to advance the cause of businesses that themselves wish to help advance equality between genders.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now a big industry, but as with many emerging technological industries, women are seriously under-represented. Despite high profile women being some of the leading lights in the industry, proportionally they account for a fraction of the total number of people working in the business. SEOs Girls Powa is a new website designed to help redress that balance, helping women get into and master SEO while helping businesses who advance the cause of women’s rights get access to the latest techniques and best practices.

The blog features a plethora of high quality articles, all written by women in the business. This serves to inspire other women to join their ranks while also demonstrating to businesses the value of female SEO consultants. The blog covers every aspect of online optimization for businesses, offering the best possible SEO advice to improve their audience development and conversion rates.

The blog also features a dedicated section on women in SEO, showcasing the strides women are making in the industry, as well as a section women’s rights, which helps people identify how they can incorporate strides toward greater gender equality in their everyday business practices.

A spokesperson for SEOs Girls Powa explained, “We are thrilled to be launching this new online resource center, to help women in SEO get the representation they deserve, and encourage and inspire a new generation of women to get involved in this lucrative and exciting field. The site has been launched with a wide range of content that can help transform the way people operate their websites, getting them more traffic, more leads and more conversions. We will continue to update frequently to ensure our site is known not only for its agenda for women’s rights, but for its peerless quality of content. That is how we will become an institution amongst the crowded SEO market.”

About SEOs Girls Powa: SEOs Girls Powa is a new online resource center committed to offering the best information, advice and best practices about SEO. The website has been created by women consultants to help advance the causes of women’s rights and the businesses that support this important cause. The site is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers.

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