SEOPressor Implements New Content Strategy

SEOPressor, a leading SEO plugin for WordPress also runs a popular blog with weekly publications on various SEO topics.

SEOPressor is a leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for WordPress users. The brand also runs a successful blog that publishes weekly about various industry topics such as SEO keyword examples, how to create a sustainable content strategy, how to implement LSI keywords into your content, and more. The blog is run by a team of writers and content strategists as a part of the brand’s inbound marketing effort.

SEOPressor has recently been implementing a new content strategy. This move is aimed to keep all the most popular and widely cited resources on their blog updated to ensure that it stays aligned with searchers’ intents. The central focus of the strategy is to ensure that old resources can continue to serve their purpose as visitor magnets while also serving the visitors well by providing them with the latest information for topics that they’re interested in.

“Our team kickstarted this new content strategy by updating one of our most popular blog post ‘9 Types of Keywords in SEO You Need to Know to Convert’ ( by adding in more SEO keyword examples, and also updating the keyword categories to make sure that the flow reads more naturally to our readers,” says Lo of the SEOPressor content team, Lo adds, “The team is currently working hard to update all of our most popular resources and we hope that this effort will, in turn, benefits our readers who are relying on our blog posts for the latest SEO news and strategies.”

About SEOPressor

SEOPressor was developed when Daniel Tan found a growing number of fresh, internet marketers out there who are completely inexperienced in doing on-page SEO. Realizing how difficult it is to manually optimize on-page SEO and that outsourcing can cost too much time, money, and effort that usually produces shoddy results, SEOPressor steps forward as the mandatory WordPress SEO plugin for anyone to optimize on-page SEO effectively and efficiently.

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