SEO Wigan Announces It Has Revamped SEO Services To Better Meet Client Needs

Google regularly updates its search engine algorithm and the revamping of these services ensures clients are able to do so with ease, reports

According to Marketing Charts, 40 percent of businesses cite changing search algorithms as the most challenging obstacle when it comes to SEO success. In addition, 38 percent state budget constraints interfere with their ability to succeed in this area. Search engine optimization remains of great importance, however, as it drives visitors to a website and helps convert these visitors into paying customers. SEO Wigan ( understands this and recently revamped their SEO services to better meet the needs of clients.

"Mashable reports Google currently gets more than 100 billion searches each month across the globe. The search engine continues to dominate in this area, as Comscore states the desktop market share for Google as of November 2015 was 64 percent. Microsoft and Yahoo combined only obtained 33.5 percent of the market share. Companies need to ensure not only that they are keeping up with Google algorithm changes, but also that their SEO provider is," Jose Gonzalez, spokesperson for SEO Wigan, reports.

Social media sites serve as important communication tools for businesses today. Facebook remains the number one social network across the globe, yet others continue to add new users every day, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. When a business posts on social media, they need to ensure they are using keywords the search engines crawl for, as social networking sites are now considered when Google ranks a site.

"Businesses need to understand which social media sites are preferred by their target audience and statistics regarding each social network site. For example, although Facebook remains the most popular of these sites across all age groups, Instagram continues to boast the highest engagement rate per follower. Students and recent graduates frequently sign up with LinkedIn, and this site is seeing two new users per second. Information such as this becomes of great importance when a company is determining where to invest their advertising dollars, and SEO Wigan can be of assistance here also," Gonzalez continues.

High volumes of traffic drive sales up, and companies often spend a great deal of money in an attempt to bring in this traffic. Search engine optimization helps to drive this traffic, yet what works for one company may not be effective for another. A cookie cutter approach fails in this situation, as websites need to stand out in the crowd to keep the visitor engaged.

"SEO Wigan formulates a marketing plan for each client that delivers exactly what their business needs. The one thing that remains consistent is the high quality of work and the integrity of the customer's site. Contact us today so we can help you market your business in a way that truly works," Gonzalez states.

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Based in the UK, SEO Wigan works with clients around the globe, helping them to rank their site for their small geographical location or customers across the globe. They have remained consistent in this mission for more than a decade now.

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